Sewing: More Napkins, some for kids, and RAGS!

I had a few more fabrics in my napkin-fabric pile, but they required pink thread and weren't sewn the same day as the first batch.

Also, when I was packing the boys' school lunches this week, and I stuck in a paper napkin, it occurred to me I should make some kid-sized napkins. As soon as that thought popped into my head, I KNEW which fabric I should use:  a hot pink Jay Jay The Jet Plane fabric!

William LOVES this show, and I picked this fabric up to make him "something", a toy, a pillow, a bag...I don't know, but it was in my stash for at least two years. The boys were plenty excited when I added these to our stack of napkins! I got 12 of these, about 10" square.

Another fabulous thing I made since I was serging, were some more cleaning rags. These are Egyptian cotton...because you all need Egyptian cotton cleaning rags, right? These were once a towel that was bleached by ProActive and the binding/trim had shrunken. Perfect! I serged these, rather than roll-hemming them because I hadn't cut them very neatly.

Here are the napkins I made. More! I think we have about 35 adult-sized napkins, and 12 kid-sized.

Here are some opened up.

So, I think we're all set now for napkins, but I may make some nicer sets for gifts.

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