A Friday Field Trip: BEACHES!

Most of the time we were in CA we went to Tamarack Beach because it was closest. However, we don't have as many pics of it because I went running while Doug and the kids played.

These first are from Tamarack Beach. It was never very crowded when we went. I don't know if they had bathrooms or showers b/c we didn't need them. We parked for free on the street, and went down some steps to the beach. It was very clean and nice, and there was a sidewalk down close to the beach AND up on the street, so my run was interesting and varied (plus the running on the sand near the water)

These next pictures are from Moonlight Beach in Encinitas. It was a lot busier. But, because I wasn't running, I got to take a few more pictures.

When we got there it was a little cool and overcast, about 64 with a brisk breeze from the ocean. Brrr!

William was the only one who decided to swim.

Aldous asked to put on his swimsuit, but wouldn't go in the water.

William found a friend to dig in the wet sand with.

Some huge seaweed. See William's feet?

After giving up on swimming, the boys had a great time in the sand.

Snow angels. Why do they do this?

After they were finished playing in the sand and "swimming", we went up to the bathrooms, snack bar, and play ground.

Doug and William getting our lunch.

Aldous had a corny dog. He gave the cornbread to William, and ate the hot dog. I had a bean and cheese burrito.

William had a ginourmous "prent-zel"

Lots of hills nearby.

On the way home from all the fun, Aldous fell asleep behind his sunglasses.


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