My latest estate sale finds.

I have some cool stuff to share that I found at an estate sale recently. My friend's family had a HUGE estate sale with a ton of fabric. Really, a ton. More than I could even wrap my head around. In addition to that was an astounding number of craft supplies, like crates of stuff, in bulk, for making multiples of things. It truly was overwhelming, and I'm thankful that the majority of the fabrics were NOT apparel fabrics. WHEW! Although, I'm still worried about not buying any of the faux furs...there were so many I couldn't concentrate and I know I'm going to be kicking myself forever for not choosing some.

Here's what I *did* get...the prices were fantastic, too! You could buy a whole giant plastic bin of fabric for $8 or so. I didn't buy a plastic bin, although I was really tempted!!

I bought a bag of fabric for $2. On the top of the bag was the white with navy polka dots out of a heavy brushed cotton. It's very nice. There were about three yards of that in the bag. I also really liked the brown floral, of which there were also three yards. There are 3 yards of the floral panel I thought would make great shopping bags, or napkins, both of which I really need. A scrap of solid pink there, too. maybe a yard.

there was this stack of samples of decorator weight, 1 yd/sq each, also intended for either shopping bags or napkins.

At the bottom of my bag was this huge piece, 3 yds of 60' wide with these beautiful nature/bird panels.

Here's a close-up....this was my fav out of the bag...still, napkins? bags? we'll see!

here are some other fun things I picked up for next to nothing: a bag of tiny "canned" and "boxed" food with labels, tiny plastic produce, and microscopic deer and horses. There are so many of each, that what I don't need will go on etsy.

I also got these tiny bundt pans (8 of them), perfect for making little sponge cakes, or gifting individual applesauce cakes with caramel frosting. Or, little fancy jell-os, or small meatloaves decorated with mashed potatoes! The tin was in the free box, and I got this tiny cookie cutter/tray/ cake mix set for the boys kitchen.

I spent less than $1 on all of this ribbon. I love grosgrain, but estate sale finds are generally pinks...too little girly for my personal taste. The rest are satins in reasonable colors.

So, that's my haul!!! Stay tuned for the post of "sewing goodies I got from my sister and aunt in NJ" coming soon! And, I'm probably going to regret not buying some of that faux fur...and some of the millions of acres of polyfil and batting....or the bolts of velvet. Why didn't I buy the velvet ribbon? I could have made belts......

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angela said...

Please take me with you some time. I'll pay for gas and lunch! I love estate sales, but it isn't fun to go alone.


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