COSTUMES Galore!! (from back in 2009)

I made seven costumes during the first couple of weeks of October!!! My friend Elizabeth Boyce did a "fairies and elves" photo shoot and these are some I snapped while waiting.  I made my boys elf costumes, plus my friend Alison's 2 y/o Reid.

Next I made Halloween costumes. First up are Meighan's herd of sheep: Sofia and baby Sadie. They are SO cute!! I totally stole this picture from Meighan's Facebook page but maybe she won't mind. Sofia loves sheep!!

For your amusement, here are the costumes as modeled by William and his baby.

William's "baa" face looks a bit rabid!!

the crazy lamb!!
For Halloween, Audrey was an owl, Aldous was Elvis and William was DJ Lance Rock, from Yo Gabba Gabba.

and here's Aldous angrily modeling his neice's costume.

Aldous wore the Elvis costume that won 1st place on Craftster when I made it for William's first Halloween, back in 2007.

And one my friend took

and William, the first time the costume was worn!

That's all from 2009! 

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