A Friday Field Trip: Road Trip to NJ and DE (funny pics only)

Ok, so it took more than just one day for this field trip, but I'm only showing some funny pics from this trip. These are only **my** funny pics. Terah has a lot more!

We left super early so this is well into our first day on the road. it's probably Arkansas or something.

Aldous didn't think much of the sunrise, and covered his head so he could keep sleeping.

yeah, this trip is nothing but a party. I actually liked it: I got to sit in my seat and read, do some crafts, look at the map, play angry birds, etc.

So, this is Tennessee, where people do their laundry in the welcome center sinks....

a giant Elvis and a small William. Aldous refused to go anywhere near this statue.

William took this pic of me doing some of my stretches.

Doug did some work while we stretched our legs.

Who knows where this is, but the truck is neat. It's probably Tennessee. We were driving there for about a week.

what a convenience this store is. bait, heaters...

Four kids in a tube.

We visited mom in the rehab center in DE. All three of my kids in this pic are ridiculous.

We took a big ferry ride from DE to NJ.

We at dinner at the place where my sister Jo works. This is my Aunt Hilda, William, and my sister Bonnie.

We took the boys to the beach.

William made a "snow angel". Yep.

Audrey had the time of her life.

Aldous was exhausted.

Later we went over to my sister Bonnie's for a while, where Aldous serenaded her mother-in-law.

clap, clap, clap!

this is a great idea. Why don't we have these here?

giant ziplocks of crab.

Mike swinging the kids around.

those are most of the funny pics! I hope you enjoyed them!


Kris Giddens said...

Gives me some idea of what a wonderful vacation y'all had!!! Always more fun with kids and husbands around. Lol
I like the comment about driving in Tennessee for a week.
I felt the same way when we went to Indiana last summer on business. That was the worst trip I think I have ever taken in my life!!!

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