Sewing: Drawstring Dress from Burdastyle

I set out to make this a few weeks ago. I have a stack of coordinating colors of fabrics and patterns that I'm working from just to freshen up my current wardrobe, and to replace some things that no longer fit me. I LOVE this vintage fabric that I picked up from Donny Moda's estate sale a while back, and when I saw the BurdaStyle tutorial, I immediately thought of it! I've been searching for a simple garment that would keep this bold print as uninterrupted as possible.

Now that it's finished, I REALLY want to wear a nice wide white patent belt with it! I was going to whip one up but apparently shiny white is the ONLY vinyl color I don't have.

Maybe a belt like this (but, wow, that dress is short...hee hee)

or like this one.

This is my trippy-hippy pose. In any case, you get the belted idea from the scarf.

And, unbelted. For some reason, I failed to get a pic of this unbelted from the front, aside from the neckline view.

**edited** one from the front, as I'm wearing it right now (7/6/11)

Here's the whole dress. How I loathe making tie strings! HORRID!!! I did this with french seams, but it did make hemming the arm openings tricky. Something I did differently from the tutorial is that my hem is only 1 3/4 longer in the front than on the sides, which is significantly less than the 8 inches or so difference on the tutorial. I really hated that weird hem! So, I did mine like an A-line skirt hem.

It fits well, but I do think I need a belt, and some matching shiny white wedges. MMM, shopping!


La Maison Boheme said...

So cute! I love this on you and the belted scarf is awesome. XO

Goosegirl said...

Super cute Jacki! Pretty fabric and you look beautiful!


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