Sewing: Shrugs from tees in 30 minutes (or less!)

These are so easy. I've needed a shrug for my sundress for a while. I like it, but I'm outside a lot in the heat, so most of the time air-conditioning feels too cold to me. Because I didn't have a shrug for this dress, I hadn't worn it much, altho I love it.

I saw this tutorial from Cut Out and Keep a couple days ago and it's been on my mind ever since!
The dress is drafted from these instructions on Weekend Designer (lots of pretty dresses on there, if you've not checked it out yet!) I don't usually wear those sandals with that dress. I had them on already from another outfit. I have a great pair of white espadrilles I LOVE with this!

I'm not that thrilled with how inelegant this side seam looks coming around like this.

The author of the tutorial wears hers tied down a bit lower,  but in order for mine to have shape and gather beautifully, I had to tie it up higher.

I made another in the aubergine tee. I have a bunch of these tees because I always think I'm going to love them, they'll be versatile, etc, but after a few washes they're way too short, so this project was perfect.

Again with the weird side seam.

The front again. This tee had more lycra in it than did the yellow one.

that's my fast and easy project! Go check it out! I had a bag of tees that were destined for donation, but I only pulled out the ones that would go with clothing items I was currently wearing. I totally could have made 6 or 7 shrugs, but most of the colors didn't go with my current wardrobe.

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