A Friday Field Trip: The Children's Aquarium at Fair Park

Our trip to the Children's Aquarium at Fair Park started off with a bunch of excitement over at the Walgreen's across from Fair Park. There was a fire truck, a rescue truck, a couple of police cars and (not shown) a helicopter over head. I have no idea what was going on but it got the boys pretty excited while we waited at that stop light.

I saw all of these buses and assumed they were for the Museum of Nature and Science, which shares a parking lot with the Children's Aquarium.

Aldous was put out because I suggested he leave his purse in the car. When I relented, he threw it down. This is my favorite age. 

To get to the Children's Aquarium, I come in from MLKjr Drive...it leads right into this entrance of Fair Park. When I come on the DART rail, I get off at the MLK station, and walk the two blocks to the entrance. This is THE best entrance during the State Fair of Texas, too. It's never crowded and you don't have to wait in line.

Continue walking up the same drive into Fair Park. On the right is the Discovery Gardens, with the butterflies we saw last week.

This long drive goes WAY into Fair Park. Continue walking until you get to the fountain. (there's a truck blocking the view of it..

Here's the fountain! and the Texas Star! Turn left here.

 And, here it is! It usually does not have 400 children lined up outside tho. YIKES!!

It was fine inside, tho, as the children had scheduled tours which kept them busy and out of our way. It was still a bit noisy tho in some areas. I don't know what this creature is but it's a bit freakish looking. I don't always get to read the placard AND take a picture...my seconds are precious,..

The gold glitter fish.

This bubble extends way into the octopus tank. William wasn't comfortable going ALL the way in. Aldous would have, probably, but he was still in the ergo, on my back.

Jelly fish! The boys love these, and hung out here for a while. And then left and came back a couple of times.

The other side of the octopus tank.

And, back to the jelly fish. You can change the color of the light inside the tank, which is how I got that cool blue picture.

Nautilus. This one was going up to the top of the water, and then all the way down again.

Creepy-ass crabs. These things are HUGE!! William refuses to even go over to tank.

In the room with crabs, sharks and rays, there is a carpet-covered plywood bleacher to sit on while someone leads talks. However, William and Aldous think it's lovely to stomp on because it makes such a huge noise! Yay! We had discussed, at great length,  that we would not be stomping or banging on this today. They changed their minds tho and as a result ended up back in t
he stroller...

And the Ergo.

We moved on to this turtle, who had a little fishy friend who stayed right with his the time he was swimming.

Pretty fish!

Another cool thing is the Sting Ray bay. It's decorated like Long John Silver's, except no hush puppies are served here (a big disadvantage, if you ask me.)

You can't take strollers or anything down there. 

So, they run helter-skelter down the ramp. See the Texas Star? It looms in every picture I take at Fair Park.

Wash your hands first. The sinks and towels are low enough that kids can do it themselves.

At certain times you can buy stingray food, but we never do. 

Waiting for a ray to swim by so they can pet it.

Wash and dry again!

Aldous is not quite tall enough.

After the feeding area is a viewing area with huge windows. See this happy guy?

Tiger shark!

Funny mouth. Reminds me of my cousin.

Tiger shark again. I like these.

There is also a touch tank, but the school kids were hogging it. Aldous was upset that we left without seeing it, but William was fine. He was glad to get out of there.

Here we are heading out for a stroll.

That's the museum of natural history across the "lake" there.

The boys always want to ride these.  I think that's a dad job.

Nothing makes a kid happier than a stick!

I saw this....and now I'm intrigued! I didn't know there was a nature walk...I wonder if there is a brochure or map? There is mention of it HERE, but nothing with numbers corresponding........ More research is needed, apparently.

The fossil cave!

what's next?

More playing with sticks

The boys love walking on this.

Two kids with sticks! And, water to poke them into!

A random Egyptian hieroglyphics thing.....

Two sticks.....dance the dance of joy!

 Aldous still has his stick.

Ooh, fossils!

I'm a statue!

One last sword fight before getting into the car. Whew!

Here's the info: Dallas Children's Aquarium at Fair Park
Free parking most of the year. If there is some event, it's probably better to take the DART rail, get off at MLK Station. We bought an annual pass and got a discount on that because we're Dallas Zoo members. Dallas Zoo members also get a discount on daily admission. Otherwise, admission is $8, kids $6, under 3 y/o is free. They're open from 9-430 everyday. Last year during the fair they stayed open a bit longer.


Helen said...

Do the boys really walk on that w/out attempting to jump in, or did you just not mention that part? Kasen would be in the water faster than I could say no. sigh
I've been wanting to check out the aquarium, thanks for reminding me to put it on the to-do list.

Jacki said...

ha ha, Helen, it's only recently that we can go anywhere near water without William getting in it (he'll be 5 y/o in Dec) Aldous has never been a problem. However, they still can't pass water without stirring it with a stick and/or throwing something in.


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