Tutorial: Faux Patina Terra Cotta Pot

I had the big task of re-potting my plants this Saturday. I had two aloe that were growing out the bottoms of their pots, and some kalanchoes that really needed better looking pots. Every one of them were in their plastic pots from when I first got them. The aloe came from my friend Michelle when she re-potted hers a year or so ago.

I picked up a couple of glazed pots from the thrift store, and some earthenware pots pots from the 99 Cents Only store. I had let the plants good VERY dry so they weren't heavy to carry up and down the stairs.

To decorate the plain earthenware pots, I used a technique I've used a gazillion times.

Big bucket
spray paint in various colors (I had a pewter and gold in the garage)
terra cotta pots

Step 1: fill your bucket 3/4 of the way full with water. Having toddlers stir it with sticks is totally optional.

Get your paint ready.

Here are the pots I'm painting. I actually painted three: apparently one of them was embarrassed by his nudity.

Spray the paint onto the surface of the water.

Add the second color, or more. Or just use one color if that's what you have. Not many rules here.

Submerge the pot in the water. Getting the inside of the pot wet is unnecessary.

A little bit of paint will get on the inside, but that's no big deal. It doesn't matter.

Pull out and set aside to dry. This is the paint on a wet pot. Look at the water in the bucket: it's totally clear. All of the paint on the surface of the water is stuck to the outside of the pot

See how the colors just swirl around and adhere in a random pattern?

Here they are with the slightly wilted and annoyed re-potted plants. They are still slightly damp.

I have a lot of left over aloe. (*free aloe, pick up only)

I painted William's little pot for him, too. He decorated his aloe with pieces of the kalanchoe cuttings.

Back in their home under the skylight!

See the new painted pot in there with his new friends?

This technique can be done on any objects made from ceramic, glass, wood, fabric.....but probably not plastic. I've used this on glass ball Christmas ornaments, small ceramic ornaments and decorations, wooden shelves, ...really, dozens of things. Remember you can use ANY colors of paint to get this swirly marbled design, and you can do this on items that have been previously painted or glazed.
Have fun!


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