A Striped Shirt for Aldous: Vintage Simplicity 7685

My work from the second day of Stash Game, over at Sewing Mamas. I had this awesome fabric that had vertical stripes with a border of horizontal stripes that has made several pairs of pants for my boys over the last 4 years. I had just more than two yards left and decided to give the long sleeved version of this shirt a whirl! I did make some changes, tho...surprise, surprise!

  here's the scoop....

This is the pattern, from 1976. I've used it before, to make a short-sleeved western version of this shirt. I bought this from eBay and the front yoke piece was missing but it was easy to draft a new piece. Neither front nor back yoke pieces were needed for this version, tho.

 One of the changes I made was to double the width of the cuff, so it could be turned up, and the decorative facing would show with a sweater over it.

The under-collar has the same decorative fabric.  I layed the pattern out in a way that had the horizontal border where a yoke would go ordinarily. I did this for the front and back pieces.

Here's the width of the cuff. Don't mind the thread that escaped my notice. 


This pattern has a separate button placket, rather than just folding over an extended piece of fabric.

See the front "yoke"?

And more of the back.

I thought the sleeve placket was oddly constructed (maybe it's not, I just haven't done one like this)

So, it looks like this finished. The didn't suggest top-stitching, but I did it anyway.
And, this is the inside. I think this was the trickiest picture I've ever taken! I had to take this shot four or five times because I couldn't get the fabric organized correctly to show this....tiny shirts are tricky!

The buttons. The blue is marker. It will disappear when I spray it.

And, the pretty facing. Ahhh. The boys have shirts made of this fabric: it's so beautiful!
Thanks for your comments: I'm up to 38 points, so far, in Stash Game for those following along. :) Not great but I hope for a bit more productivity when everyone goes to work/school.

I suppose I should get busy on my muslin for the Male Pattern Boldness Men's Shirt Sew-Along. I might cut it out tonight!

One more for the road: the boys modeling their Buzz Lightyear shirts, from a previous post.
*sigh* It might be another few years before they stop looking crazy in pictures, I'm afraid.

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Holly said...

I love the little decorative fabric detail.


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