A Trip to Golden D'or

So, Aldous and I took a trip to Golden D'or on Friday. I wanted to go because I needed something to use for the muslin for the shirt I'm doing for Male Pattern Boldness's shirt sew-along, and I knew the clearance room has stuff marked down to .99/yd. Plus, my friend Marilyn back in Honolulu wanted me to check out some of neat spandex prints, which happened to coincide with their having a 25% off sale in the spandex room. WOOT!

This place is so much fun, but I have to admit it was overwhelming the first time I went there. This is right when you walk in: a table full wool suitings of all weights, then some random knits, then beyond that some linens, and the rest of the room is fleece. I really liked one of the linens I saw today: I should have bought it.

Here's some of the spandex: it's in the clearance room, so it's half-off the bolt price. It was also on sale today, maybe for $2 or something, but it's not that expensive anyway. I made THE coolest running shirt with this stuff last month. I'll have to share that later.

Here are some more spandex choices int he clearance room. I like the blue with the gold dragons but the blue wasn't as awesome as it could have been, but the purple and brown stripe is neat, as is the black with silver symbols in it. The yellow was too meshy.

The back wall of the clearance room is my favorite. Today there was this board short fabric (whatever that's called). I already have some I bought in HI, so I wasn't too tempted. Besides, I was on a mission.

This is a cotton ribknit and it took all I had not to buy some!! but, the last thing I need is another cotton knit. it was .99/yd tho...

This was super cool! a circle panel in black poplin. So pretty!

my choices: more about those later.

checking out some more stuff in the clearance room! Hi, Aldous!

I am in love with this but was not sure what to do with it. It's stretchy, but less stretchy where the ruching is and the stripe is horizontal. I'm too fat to wear horizontal.

Outside of the clearance room, I saw this. The back wall of the cotton room (how I hate the cotton room and all of the wacky printed woven cottons...bleck) has some neat knits on it usually: I think that's the last stop before the back wall in the clearance room. Anyway, this was ridiculous!

I did see this back there, tho: black spandex. Cheap, too.

There's one area that has work out fabric. A lot of it is that itchy poly double knit that school track suits are made from, but this is a nylon taffeta, for running and soccer shorts. I want to buy some, but I have to find a pattern first. The same ones have been here forever, so I don't think these will fly off the shelf before I find a pattern.

I love going into this section: designer italian shirtings!!


this is a very fine wool! so beautiful and soft!!

There are also a billion kinds of silk fabrics: this barrel has a ton of crepe de shine.  See my little Aldous' hat in the upper left corner? tee hee.

Finally, the spandex room!! (they don't allow you to take anything into the clearance room, so I had to go there first). I found this one, so cool! $7/yd regular price.

And this! so cool, french newspaper w/ sports news on pink camo. Fancy! $6/yd. Better pics of this later.

Here's the whole room. Do you see that harlequin print near the pole? ha ha! I've joked about making yoga pants out of that for a couple of years: it would totally misalign someone's chakras.

In the back of the spandex room (this store is a maze) there is the trim room. Here are lots of pompons. or is it pompoms? I dunno.....

Lots of colors of twill tape!

The zippers. The ones hanging up are like $3 or something but in those filing cabinets are BILLIONS of loose zippers which are .25 a piece. That's right! .25. Do I buy the ones in the package? No, I do not.

Seven hundred thousand million buttons. I, one time, looked through EVERY single box. These shelves are double sided, by the way. These are the fancy buttons I buy sometimes, but Doug likes the plain ones so that he doesn't have to pay more for his shirts at the cleaners.

Lots of woven ribbons and trims.

I think these have been here since the 70s

I have some of these mushrooms. I use them like patches or appliques.


Lots of elastics. The even have lastin, too.

Drawcord elastic yardages in white AND black, plus lots of webbing. They also have solid webbing, too.

This spandex intrigues me! it was stretchy, but with stretchy metallic ruffles: there was silver, gold and iridescent.

this would be great for summer running! Breezy!

Here's what I ended up: the big paisley and pink camo newsprint spandex, for running shirts.

the cotton print for my sew-along muslin

and, a couple of tee shirt panels for the boys. Aldous picked this out.

All in all, it was a great day at Golden D'or for me, 8 yds fabric for $25!! what a bargain!


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