Boy Undies, Jalie 2327, and Stash Game Musings.

Nothing exciting here, I've been tracing patterns for the upcoming Stash Game over at Sewing Mamas and getting organized for the Sew Along at Male Pattern Boldness BOTH of which start February 1st!! YIKES!!

So far on my list for Stash Game: (lets see how much of this I complete, especially since I ramped up my running training so much! ha!)

1. Muslin for my sew-along shirt for Doug
2. Sew-along shirt for Doug
3. two running shirts for me
4. two Buzz Lightyear tees for the boys
5. Tunic M1007 from the winter My Image pattern magazine for me
6. 2 pairs of pants for William (undetermined fabric and pattern)
7. 2 pullover sweaters/sweatshirts for Aldous
8. 3 pairs of sweatpants/ flannel pants for William
9. 1 long sleeved button up for William
10. 1 long sleeved button up for Aldous
11. 1 button up blouse for me (undetermined fabric and pattern)
12. 3 sleeveless undershirts for William (ottobre free tank pattern)

That's what I've got so far.
I wanted to wait to make more underpants for William but really, he just didn't have enough so I bit the bullet last night and made three pair.

I swear, some of my print knits will NOT go away. Will NOT!! I keep using scraps, and using scraps and the amount just doesn't reduce. They're going to take over. On the green pair is a kumquat panda scrap. I've had this fabric for three years. I only had two yards but I can't get rid of it! The gray/blue Ooga Booga print on the others is newish, tho, and that's the first thing I've made with it. I was going to make some diapers for Aldous with it, but it was so long in coming that I had to make his diapers with something else. He still needs a few more. We're cutting it pretty close every week, unless I go to the gym more than twice (he has to wear disposables there)

I'm not that thrilled with my boys' underwear elastic choices. I may have to find some more, but I guess I'll use what I have first. Boo. My coverstitcher is coming in handy for doing the hems.  I still mess up a lot, so for now I'm reserving my reverse coverstitching for top stitching underpants.

Jalie 2327 is the pattern I use. It's great, with sizes from 2T up to men's waist size 52 (xxl). There are briefs, boxer briefs and a thong (giggle), and it's such an easy pattern to sew! I highly recommend it. For the toddler brief, I morph the cod piece into one piece so I only have to sew the bottom dart. If you don't do this, there will be a seam down the middle of the cod piece. I bet THAT'S comfy.

I think Jalie and Kwik Sew are my favorite patterns: they are so practical, easy to sew, sensible instructions, and accurate fit. I really recommend either of those brands for every day items.
Thanks for your comments! I love to read them!


Stephanie said...

I know how you feel about the knit scraps. I have some Chez Ami prints that just will not go away. After a while I think I get tired of looking at even the cutest fabric.

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