Diaper Cover Frenzy! and the baby boom!

Aldous needed a couple of diaper covers and a friend needed some for a younger baby, so I set out to learn how to add gussets to a simple PUL diaper cover. Mind you, I had never made ANY diaper cover before (well, just wool pants), but what the heck! I love to make stuff I've never made before, especially for other people. The challenge is invigorating!

This is my first one. A large, with gussets (altho, older babies don't usually need gussets). I make my velcro tabs in such a way that they default to closed when they're not attached to the front loop panel. In my household, some people have a hard time remembering to close velcro tabs before dropping things into the pail, so I made mine to CLOSE THEMSELVES. It's not fool-proof, of course, but works better than anything else I've tried.

 I put the FOE (fold over elastic) on these with the soft side out. I was thinking of the baby's comfort, but it turns out that every Velcro thing you own will stick this fuzziness, so don't do it. It's terrible how pilly my FOE is on this one now, after TWO washes!

Here's Aldous the Sexy Model, in his new diaper cover. He's pretty happy to get anything new, because he rarely needs anything.

I had seen a tutorial on how to make a PUL cover with a cotton print outer layer, so I tried that, too. Pretty cute! On these, I put the smooth side of the FOE out, not the fuzzy. I have learned my lesson!

Aldous modeling again.

 Inspired by my success at the gusseted PUL cover, I whipped these up for my friend, at her request. A whole stack! All with contrasting gussets and with the FOE with the smooth side out. I'm sure she's thankful.

The baby boom!! It seems so many people have just had babies and more are on the way!! I can hardly keep up! My niece came a few weeks early, so I sewed up some tiny gowns, a Itty Bitty baby dress, and some nursing pads. I love these nursing pads!! Two pair are hemp, and the other bamboo. They are SO soft and absorbent after they're washed a couple of times. 

My other friends produced some delightful baby boys, and I made these lovely things for them.

 These are some more of those nursing pads, a New Conceptions Baby Essentials set, a lap shoulder tee with two matching Ooga Booga diapers. I love these little diapers! So small and cute!!

 Then I made this cool set. I was SO excited about making this, as I had bought this neat tee a while back at The Pumpkin Patch but it wasn't my boys' size, so I had a LOT of time to think about how to use it.

I was pretty pumped about the color scheme, too. And the adorable monsters!!

So, I cut the sleeves off and serged the edges of the sleeve openings and the hem with coodinating thread.
Then I made the knotted cap and pants from New Conceptions Baby Essentials, using the sleeve I had cut off as the pants cuff. Added some more of the cozy nursing pads, too.

Now, go make something! I have a couple of diapers to finish up!


Michelle said...

Cute, cute cute! Especially the monster shirt. :) I love having babies to sew for! Are those sleep sacks or rompers?

Jennifer said...

Cute stuff! And I need some nursing pads too! :)

Anonymous said...

love those nursing pads! ;)


Alison said...

Max is a very well dressed and diapered baby thanks to you!

christene said...

i love the new layout! and i can't have anymore babies, so you need to tell me what i have to do to get in line for something you make.

Jacki said...

Michelle, they're tiny gowns. <3 they were so sweet I hated to let them go, but they're much sweeter with baby Emileah in them.

Christene, Dina asks me the SAME thing!

Holly said...

super, super cute

Kat said...

Very cute!


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