Aldous has turned on me, and Busy, Busy, Busy Tuesday

,It used to be that I could post about William's atrocious messes, but no more. He's turned into an angel of a child, and ALDOUS has turned on me. That's right. My cherubic sweet-potato is awful. He'll be two on Saturday. As I see him enter this phase, I'm remembering the horror William was. I'm hoping it's a bit easier. *sigh*

We did a belly cast for Terah on Monday. She went by the place to pick up plaster strips but they were waiting on the truck to come in a couple of hours, so she came and hung out a while and waiting. We had the supplies mostly ready, including Vaseline.

Aldous too the jar to the closet to hid and just DUG IN!!! omg, what a mess!!!

Look at that big blog!! Everything of Doug's that was hanging there was covered, and I had to strip Aldous and give him a shower. Amazingly, including the shower, it just took a few minutes to clean up.

Later that same day........I took a 5 minute, probably shorter, potty break and came downstairs to this.

Uuuggggg, please help me. Only 2 more years until he's sweet again!!

Tuesdays are super busy for us, and it starts with William's 9:30 dance class. So, as soon as breakfast is over, we head out!!

Today they had bacon and gingerbread poptarts. We were pretty much were out of everything, including fruit, but no one complained. Except William wanted a second poptart, which I refused to give him.

And, the play area in the living room was a disaster. 
The class is 90 minutes long, so while he's dancing away, Aldous and I run errands. We almost always go to Central Market, and then to a few other stores, just in and out. Today we went to Dollar Tree and Central Market.

We found some awesome stuff at Dollar Tree, including some fun ziplocks for William's lunch.

We also picked up some of these rubber ice cube molds, for the craft on this blog.
I got plenty of these because I'm thinking I can use these for my gummy candies.  They're pretty fancy. They even have missing teeth and cracked skulls! WOW!!

I also picked up a few other things while I was there, including these Care Bears baby wipes. Who knew?

After that we went back to get William, went to McDonald's to play and eat, then to Aldi to buy groceries, and then to our last stop; William's speech therapy. Aldous was done, tho, by then .....as was I.

The day is especially hard because we have to get two kids into the car, buckle them into their car seats, and then get them out of their car seats at the next place, (and Aldous into the Ergo on my back). By the end of the day, I think I've buckled and unbuckled safety belts of some kind 200 times. WHEW!!! Because of this, I refuse to run errands any other day of the week. If it doesn't' get done one Tuesday, then Doug does it, or I do it the NEXT  Tuesday. The boys are always fine and behave on our busy days, but it sucks the life out of me. They get a nap when we get back, but I have to put away the groceries and finish anything else I didn't get finished before we left.

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