More Baby Cuteness, and some underpants!

This was a surprise gift for a friend and I had to wait until she got it in the mail to show it, because I know she reads this sometimes.

 This is a New Conceptions Baby Essentials set that I did a stencil of bamboo leaves on. To date, it's  the cutest NCBE I've ever made.

I also made a few other more useful things: a fitted diaper in a larger size, and a couple pairs of hemp nursing pads.

William doesn't really need training pants anymore, but the boxer briefs I made him last year (when I was optimistic about his potty training) are too small. I used the Jalie boxer brief pattern that I use for Doug's underpants, too. It's a great pattern and has a bunch of sizes from size 2T up to some gigantic men's sizes. I suspect I will get a lot of use from this pattern.

This used up a bunch of scraps, and I got to use some of the cute waistband elastic I had.

Another fun thing is that I used my coverstitch machine to do the top stitching and hemming.

The monster print is a neat knit I bought from fabric.com right before stash game. I really like it!!

Some of the remainder of my Stewie fabric. Check out the contrasting hems! *sigh* I love my new coverstitch machine.

Next up: more school uniform clothes!! How EXCITING!!


Alison said...

That newborn set is amazing - gorgeous! Reid is pretty close to being fully potty trained (during the day at least) so I may hit you up for some of those boxers in a month or so.

Jennifer said...

The stencil is awesome - as is the set. Vikrant really loves it too. I was wondering how you did it. Is there special fabric paint?

Those boxers are adorable!

Mrs. Bianca said...

Those boxers are FANTASTIC!!! I'm wishing I have a boy now just so I can order some from you. Seriously, those are divine! Is there a similar pattern for little girls?


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