Exercise for All!! Ok, just William and I.

William is starting his dance class this Tuesday (with his fractured foot!!) and he needed a black shirt and dance pants, so I whipped these up! These are a super soft knit from Golden D'or.

I used my patterns from the Japanese pattern book, LaLaLa 3. I made size 100, but added 4" to the length of the pants.

Double-needle hems

Double-needle hem and simple elastic waist. I serged the elastic on, turned it under twice, and sewed once w/ my blind hem foot.

Since William will be wearing these for tumbling, I added a gusset to the crotch. This is no big deal if you've never done it. cut a diamond or square (about 2" for kids clothes) then pin it so the stretch goes horizontally (the way legs open) I sew this in after doing the side seams and front and back seams, and before finishing the inseams. Sew two sides of the gusset in on one leg (either one) then pin and sew the entire inseam in one long seam. It's super duper easy.

closer view of the elastic waist.

William modeling this un hemmed....remember me mentioning that I had made the pants FOUR inches too long? ummm, good thing I did!! Dina called him "Patrick Swayze" ha ha!

One bow-legged, the other knock-kneed

William trying out the stuff! He loves those noisy shoes!

I made a new running outfit. The first picture is more representative of the color. This is from Jalie 2444. its out of print but still available for download (total pain in the butt) here.  The fabric is Cool Max I got in a grab bag of wicking fabrics from Wazoodle for $27.50. It had 6 yards in it,(even tho they say the grab bag is four colors of 1.25 yds each) and this outfit used VERY little fabric. I'm going to make more shirts probably because the cool max isn't really the right fabric for this shorts pattern. It's not stretchy enough. I made the size 10, according to my measurements, but I had to add that side panel (FIVE inches!!!) to make the shorts fit. The shirt pattern was fine as-is.

And THEN Doug gave me his huge stack of undershirts and wondered what I could do with them! Well, I found a ton of info online about turning the tees into yarn and crocheting and knitting them into stuff. But, they were white, so I had to dye them. Not wanting to invest any money in this project, I used the only dye I had, orange.

So, now I have these. Next up, cutting them into strips to make "T-yarn" !! woot!


Sarah @ Maison Boheme said...

William looks great in his new black exercise get-up! Great job!

Nicole said...

I really like these. Look super comfy and perfect for exercising. Reminds me of awesome AA karate pants, but different, of course. lol


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