Oh, it's Vintage Pattern Day!!

Ok, it's really Independence Day, but since we've not yet **celebrated**, I don't have anything to share! What I DO have are TEN awesome patterns from my vintage collection! Check 'em out!

All of these are McCall's except for the very last one. The first is McCall's 2754, 1971. This is a "Pounds Thinner" Pattern, according the envelope. If you sew instead of eat, of course, you will lose weight.  I love these dresses with the white contrast panel. I've got a couple in my collection. They remind me of a girly version of a bowling shirt, or maybe a golfing outfit.  Check out the guy in the background on the pattern illustration. He's checking out some race car, but that doesn't explain why these two are standing around like this....View B even has her white gloves on. Maybe they're her driving gloves and that's HER hot rod? Hmmmm.... Of course, View A has her racing goggles on.

This pattern is from 1971. It doesn't have very many pieces, and really doesn't look that complicated, either. Even though View A has those off-center buttons, it zips in the back like View B. View A also has a sexy slit up the thigh, too. Remember to click on the pic to see it larger.

This one is from 1971, too.McCall's 2867. My sister Evelyn was born in 1971. Apparently, this what everyone wore back then. IF they were fashionable, that is. I think these all look like Barbie clothes, altho the long dress in the back has promise.

After I checked out the back of the pattern, the drawings, I decided that the pants aren't too bad either. I had assumed that they would be elastic waist, but they're not. They have DARTS! and a side zipper.  The yardage required for my size of the long dress is 3 1/2, which I have to say is very efficient use of fabric! That's just a bit more than I usually use for a pair of pants! Those long dresses sometimes can use up to 5 yards of fabric.

Ah, more "Pounds Thinner" patterns.McCall's 3112. And yet another of those white panel dresses!  Man, these were super popular back in the early 70s! This one is from 1972.  None of these have awesome features, but could be accessorized better. I bet those are elastic waist pants, too. I like how View A seems to be oblivious to View B and View C who are blatantly checking her out and talking smack. They're probably jealous of her print fabric and white belt combo.

What??? Another pair of real pants? Another side zip? It's a record! I love patterns that make pants that will actually fit, rather than just shapeless crap that's cinched up with an elastic waist. Hurray, c70s McCall's!!

YES!! A blouse pattern!! McCall's 3180, 1972.  I have a weakness for blouse patterns, especially a fitted one like this. If you've got a short torso, or wide hips, having a fitted top like this can really make you look a lot more shapely!!

This one is from 1972. I'm not in love with the long sleeves gathered into the cuffs, but that's easy enough to change. I might enjoy a bell sleeve on these, especially with that pointy collar. Oh, yes, the collar! This is a collar with a band..i.e. a REAL collar. I **like** this pattern! Another plus is the length! WOOT!

Oh, we're back to the "Pounds Thinner", 1972. McCall's 3254. Oh, dear. I love the shape of these sleeves!! Wouldn't they be lovely on the previous blouse? I think the standing collar isn't that awesome, and might consider doing a front placket, instead, with no collar. The shape of the tunic/dress is such that, with those sleeves, the front placket would be very flattering.

Check out the darts and the side panels!! This would be SO pretty to wear!! Sometimes when I see a pattern I'm strongly influenced by the dated fabric choices, and then I get SO excited when I see the line drawing and the pattern pieces. THEN I can fill in my imagination with my own fabric ideas!  This is a really good pattern. And, again, REAL pants, with a side zip.

This is another "Pounds Thinner" pattern, but I disbelieve them on this one. McCall's 3404, from 1972. This is labeled "Make is EASY, please", which is all good, but I think the features that make this easy, also make it shapeless. Probably View B is doable with the right fabric, but the others? Hmmmmm, the look on View B's face makes it evident that she knows her's is the only decent outfit.

These pants are pretty good, tho, straighter leg than the previous few. Pretty much, if you have a wide hip, you want to avoid a flare. What happens is that the flare makes your knee area look disproportionally skinny in comparison to your big butt. Don't do it! If you can find a pant that has a knee area width about the same as the bottom area, without fitting your super tight, you've got a good fit. It could be done with these pants. They are a slim fit, but without a flared leg. Darts for a nice hip and waist fit, and the side zipper. Perfect.

Another "Pounds Thinner". McCall's 3534, 1973. Right, because nothing says "Look how thin I am!" like a Pepto Bismol pink outfit in a size 14. I LOVE the front standing collar and neckline on this one, tho, but again, what the heck is up with those sleeves gathered into the cuffs? it's so "Little House on the Prairie"!. Dumb. Pair the bell sleeves from 3254 with this, and it will be perfect!

This one has real pants, too, but they look a bit billowy in comparison to the fit at the waist. The yardage requirement for my size of View A is 4 7/8, which is more what I would expect for a long dress.

McCall's 3608, 1973. Another "Pounds Thinner" I sort of like this one, but it looks a little young. I think I like the idea of the blacks and whites here, though. I mostly hate the bow at the neck, and the belt tied in a bow.

What? No pants? A lot of these patterns I've seen lately have enough garments to make half a wardrobe. This just has dresses

OOh,not only is this yet another "Pounds Thinner" pattern, it's also labeled "Extra Carefree". I wonder what that means?  The wearing of the garment is carefree? Check out View A....she doesn't think so. Besides, it looks like she's not sure what to do with her purse and her scarf. Maybe the sewing is more carefree.

I'm not seeing anything about this that makes it more carefee, unless you count that you can use pre-pleated ruffling, rather than making it yourself? ooh, what a time saver!! That's practically cheating!

This is another Carefree Pattern. McCall's 4295, 1974. I REALLY like this one. The sleeveless blouse is awesome, and you could totally make it long sleeved, like the dresses, or make the dresses sleeveless.

So maybe this is carefree because you can use purchased lace and trim, rather than crocheting or tatting your own?

The lone Simplicity Pattern of the day, Simplicity 9707, 1971.  This one is pretty neat, and I like the wide waist panel on it. I LOVE the black one, and I think it would be flattering in any solid. I probably would not use contrasting trim, tho. I think a monochromatic color scheme would be better. Also, it has three sleeve options.

the length is pretty nice on View 2, but in a solid, the look would be a lot less dramatic than on that insane print. I do like the sleeveless option best, but it may be because it's July and I'm hot.


Holly said...

LOL. You're so funny, Jacki.

Mrs. Bianca said...

I love the McCall's 3608, 1973!! I wish it had pockets. Now you have me doing a search for these patterns.


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