Independence Day, and Another Race

Finally, some July 4th pics! I wish they were better, but I'm stuck using my phone for now until I get a new camera. Ug!!

Audrey! She's the only one who would cooperate with our attempts to get kid pictures.

Audrey and Aldous. Aldous and William still fit in their outfits from next year, but Audrey needed a new one. It's roomy enough for next year, tho.

What a disaster it is to photograph them!


Cary, Zachary, Brittany, and John (Mike's Dad)

Evelyn (in red and white) and friend of Terah's and Mike's

A crowd in the kitchen. This is where all the good food was! YUM!! Mike's dad made sausage and chicken, Mike grilled hamburgers, corn, and asparagus, and Terah made french fries, mac & cheese, cole slaw, and cheese cake. I brought a couple of desserts, and Evelyn brought banana pudding!

Dessert time (and dj hero time) Doug and Zachary, with Aldous helping.

William and Aldous

Terah and I.

On the 5th, we went to Fair Park for the big fireworks display. We took the train with both boys in ergos because we knew the train would be too crowded for a stroller. It was pretty crowded, standing room only!

I really think Fair Park is so beautiful and I can't wait for the State Fair: it's right around the corner!!

Today was my second race, after 7 weeks of running. I ran the Too Hot to Handle 5K at Norbuck Park at White Rock Lake. I ran about 1.5minutes faster, in a much harder race than my first one. Also, it seemed kind of chaotic, and the race started 20 minutes later than scheduled.

The shirt I'm wearing is the one they gave out! We also got these cool hats, the white ones people behind me are wearing. I'm not a hat person, but the boys have been enjoying it. I'm excited about this new shirt tho. I'm also wearing shorts! A first!!

This race was REALLY crowded and had a lot of walkers. I figured out that while I'm slow as runner, I'm not so slow that I need to be anywhere near those walkers!! I started way too far from the front and was totally stuck behind a lot of walkers who were walking two and three-abreast, making it difficult to pass. Many times I was really in my stride and had to slow nearly to a walk to get around them. Saying excuse me wasn't always helpful, as a lot of people use headphones. ARG!! It was a bit frustrating!

Another thing about this race is that about a half mile into the course there is a VERY STEEP hill. Almost everyone had to slow to a walk, it was so steep!! I ran up the whole thing, but was wiped out at the top and had to walk briefly. There were a lot of hills, but that was the worst. Crossing the lake was great, though. The breeze was so nice!! In fact, although it was hot, there was a breeze most of the time so I didn't think the heat was that bad. I overheard a lot of people saying that they got chills from the lake breeze, but I really found it refreshing.

My CardioTrainer program was off (distance) so while it was keeping accurate count of the time that had passed, I had no idea how far I'd go, so I had a trouble pacing myself. I had forgotten my shrek Donkey watch (which is my usual fall back). Since it was so hilly, and I had no trouble with the heat, I made a huge effort to run down hill, even if I had been walking a bit.

On the way back, most of the walkers were out of the way, so I returned to my 100 yard sprint program I like to do. The sprints feel SO good to me. I struggle with "jogging" and it really makes my legs feel tight and bound up....running feels so great, and getting my legs stretched out during a sprint is like how it feels in yoga. MUCH better! I managed to get in a bunch of really good sprints on the way back, and was able to finish strong on the last 2/10 of a mile, passing several people to the finish line.

Doug got this picture of me on his phone. the finish line is right in front of me. NEITHER of my feet are on the ground here. I like to finish in a strong sprint, so I'm running hard here. I was SOOOOOO pukey feeling right after, I thought I was going to throw up on Doug. I held it together, tho and was fine in a minute.

 After a half hour or so, there were chip times posted outside for us to check but my name/bib # weren't there, so I had no idea how I did. I knew my clock time was 40 or 41 but I had started toward the back, so I knew that was off by a few minutes. I hung around for a while, letting the boys play on the playground and I got a massage. We headed home, and waited for the scores to be posted. When they FINALLY posted them I STILL wasn't on there, and they had the 15K Athena scores posted on the 5K link. ARG!! I emailed them and they fixed it. I placed 24th out of 75 in my division, with a time of 38:17. Not too bad! I'm pleased that my time showed improvement, especially since this race was so much harder than the last one.

The 2010 Run, Walk, Roll benefitting United Cerebral Palsy of North Texas

This is my next race, in my neighborhood! It's on Katy trail, where I run every week, so I feel I might have some success here. Home turf advantage, if you will. ha ha! We'll see. I'm pretty excited about it and need to get registered.

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