It's a Two-Post Day! My Pall Mall Cigarettes Soft Sculpture.

I was looking at some old pics today of a soft sculpture I did for a competition (online). I didn't win: i only got about 11% of the votes, and a lot of comments about not liking smoking? It wasn't an art contest, but a craft contest, so I get it wasn't exactly the right audience, and I'm cool with that. The winner was a project that was a copied idea: versions of the winner had been posted all of that board, and it wasn't an original idea. So, again, wrong audience for this. Nonetheless, this is one of the cooler things I've made that go along with a series of paintings I've been (not) working on for about 5 years.

Some models and examples. I had these because, again, I need them for a series of paintings I'm doing.

The pieces of felt for the ashtray. I used acrylic felt from wal-mart for this.

For the sides of the cigarette box, I enlarged, by hand, the front label of the original box. This is easy for me, but I suppose you could scan and reprint it. I didn't have a scanner, and I frequently and easily enlarge by hand all the time.

The foil top is constructed from silver vinyl scraps I had on hand. Everyone has random pieces of silver vinyl, right?

This shows  the seal well. I was so excited that wal-mart had felt EXACTLY the same color as the original seal!

Here is the finished product with the originals, to show the size. I really like how this turned out, and I love looking at these pics again!

Thanks for taking a walk down memory lane with me!


Evelyn Dalton said...

that's really impressive! it doesn't matter the subject, but it shows creativity, talent and a real skill. i think it's great! and it makes me miss my mommy!! :) good job! thanks for sharing this!

Blogger said...

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