Sewing for Others, and My Favorite Aldi Purchases

I've been doing a lot of sewing for other people lately, and really it's exhausting and stressful, plus I don't have enough time to do my own family's sewing and stuff for gifts. I think I would rather spend my time making my family's things, and gifts. I feel like I'm constantly in a frantic mode trying to get stuff done for other people, and that, really, takes a lot of the fun out of sewing. On top of that, I really don't like making the same stuff over and over. If I have some extra sewing time, I may do some more longies, for my Etsy Store, but really, I don't want to. My sewing time has greatly reduced now that I have two toddlers, and I want to spend that time on my OWN things. Enough complaining.

I LOVE my Aldi!! I shop at the one on Haskell & Gaston (4120 Gaston), and it's awesome! I typically go on Tuesday after William's speech therapy, because it's just down the street.

There are some things I get nearly every week, so I thought I'd share the prices of those. I have bought other stuff, but I didn't save the receipts for those, and can't share the prices. I'll do that next time I buy it!

gallon milk, $1.49 (last week was 1.69)..I have paid as little as $1.29
dozen large eggs, $.69 (last week, .89) I've paid as little as .49
solid white albacore tuna, $.99
probiotic yogurt (sorta redundant title...that's what the receipt says) 4pk $1.69  these are like YoPlus and they have strawberry, peach and vanilla flavors.
1lb of salted butter, $1.79
Disposable diapers, size 4, 34 ct. $5.79 (I have seen 31ct sz 4 for $6 at other stores)
Cinnamon Graham crackers $1.25 (these may be cheaper somewhere else, I'm hoping others will chime in with their prices)
Chewy Granola bars (these are the small skinny ones, like Quaker Chewy, etc) $1.69 for 10
Premium bacon $2.69/lb (they have a cheaper one, $1.69ish, but I like this thicker one)
5" deep dish pizza, 6ct (frozen, cheese) $4.99 yes, I'm aware of what a ridiculous purchase this is.
Fiber Now Granola bars (like fiber one, comes in caramel, chocolate chip, and peanut better) $1.89
12 Grain Bread, $1.69 (they aslo have 100% whole wheat for about $.50, but I need this one)
Tubs of lunch meat (ham, turkey, beef, chicken all various flavors) $2.49
Lacura eye cream, $3.49...I love this stuff and I'm on my second tube. So far, all of the Lacura products I've tried are awesome.
12 pk Diet GT soda, $1.99
Disinfectant wipes (like Clorox, the small dispenser) $1.39
Chocolate Spread (Nutella) $1.99
I also usually buy bananas, berries, and apples, but the prices very widely, and I don't buy bananas if I'm going to Newflower that same day because theirs are better.

Aldi, if you haven't been, is a small store that carries mostly it's own label of foods. I haven't' tried anything that isn't good quality! The do carry a small amount of name brand products, but I can't think of any of them now. You need a quarter to borrow a cart, but you get it back when you return the cart. AND it's best to bring your own bags, as you bag everything yourself.

Have fun!

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