New Jersey Road Trip, Installment 2

We did a lot of fun stuff at Bonnie's place. It was wonderful! The boys' cousin, Cheyenne, was there most of the time and had a great time playing with William and Aldous. Because all the kids were busy, Bonnie and I had a lot of time to talk! It was wonderful, and was the best part of the visit!!

Bonnie cooked us pancakes and bacon for breakfast our first morning there, then we drove over to the park to feed the ducks and play.

Another night, Bonnie busted out the ice cream treats! William had never had one before and couldn't be convinced that the cone was a cookie, to eat!

Aldous, on the other hand, wolfed it down.

One night, it was so awesome!! Cha made clam stew!! It was SO good!! Here he has the clam shelled and is cutting them up for the stew.
See? cut up clams, and the bowl of whole clams.

The stew!! with crackers already added. The boys had had McDonald's for dinner, as I didn't think they would eat clam stew. It was SO GOOD!!!!

Aldous tried out a baseball hat. He was very serious about it, too, for some reason!

And then here's Casey at the Bat. Really, that's Casey, in a batting helmet. He was busy showing Aldous how it's done!

Keep your dial on this station for more family fun, coming up soon!!

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