Installment 3; New Jersey fun!!

One morning, we passed time by going to Smithville, a historic village/tourist trap. It was great fun as a kid, and the boys really liked it, too. I did some sight-seeing on the way there and back, and it was a good way to keep the boys busy before our afternoon visit with MORE family!!

For some reason it was like 90 degrees at 9am. Totally insane!! I thought it would be a bit cooler in NJ than in Dallas, but that day it wasn't!

I got William a handful of quarters and tried his hand at driving a remote control car. That's his turquoise blue one right in front.

He also tried a boat, but it was a lot harder.

He was also very short and I had to stack up a couple of boxes so he could see. He didn't even play the whole time because it was too frustrating for him.

We did have a great time on the train! The conductor was a model train enthusiast who told us all about his model railroad club and the big exhibit they have set up at Shore Mall.

Doug has been coaching William on modeling poses. Look how red his face is!!

Smithville is just so cute and cheesy. Look how they spelled green with an "e".

Hot, sweaty Aldous on the train.

The boys came all the way to NJ to ride a stagecoach. This one played the Bonanza theme song.

they rode a boat, too.

William rode this car, but he couldn't touch anything because it was too hot.

This pic is about the people behind William but you can't see them well. She's an NJ stereotype.

We took a break for some ice cream. William chose one that looked like this.

I can't remember what flavor I got, but I shared it with Aldous.

If you're in NJ, you should check out Smithville, but on a cooler day. There was NO shade anywhere and the heat was brutal.

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