New Jersey Road Trip!! aka, I'm now invincible! installment one.

These are very short installments, because my boys are no longer napping and thus making my life somewhat hellish.

This is on the way there. We did it TWO days! Dallas to Knoxville the first day, then Knoxville to Absecon the next. WHEW!!! 1500 of bad road! Actually, it wasn't that bad, and I couldn't have asked for more beautiful weather!

We left at 4am on a Wednesday morning. If I've got a big drive ahead, I like to leave early and get a good distance in before stopping for breakfast. They boys slept until close to breakfast time, which was Arkadelphia, AK. (the city of brotherly love?....no that's not this one...or IS it?? tee hee.....I love Arkansas jokes). It was very pretty here! Not that you can tell from this pic of my kids in McDonald's.

Look!! Memphis!!!


William was pretty impressed by this huge bridge.


 We drove a bit more, until LUNCH TIME!!!



 Cracker Barrel has THE best booster chairs. William ran away from this cracker barrel and the police had to find him. He wasn't really that lost, and the police were on their way in for a meal. So...it wasn't as dramatic as it sounds, but it pissed me off anyway. 

More endless open road. Lots of this, plus more, until Knoxville and nighty-night time. I nearly died.

The next day, in Virginia, the boys climbed a very tall hill! William said he wanted to roll down it, but he wasn't brave enough to.


 they were so cute holding hands, and looked so small!

 Aldous pulled them both down.


See? Virginia

Unlike Tennessee, where there are two state trooper's cars every 5 miles, Virginia prefers to shoot you down from the sky when you are speeding. 


Natty Dreads. It took some doing to get this out of his hair.


That's all the fun for today! Tune in next time for more New Jersey fun!

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Holly said...

Fun! I went to college in Arkadelphia.


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