Underpants, and the Spring Carnival

I made a billion training pants last week. Boy howdy, that's a lot of snaps!!

These are dinosaurs, owls on a line, robots, football, firetrucks, and puppies!!
Most of the snaps are ooga booga snaps from KAMsnaps.com
I get all of my snaps from there because the prices are the best I've found and the customer service can't be beat!

Here are two pairs with robots: one with red trim, another with blue!
And four more pair: dinosaurs, football, puppies and robots.

There was one more pair, with circus stuff on it, but it's in the wash!! These have been SO great for potty training!! They're not so totally absorbant that the kid doesn't feel any wetness, like a disposable training pant is (like PullUps, etc) but while they do make the clothes barely damp, they prevent a huge messy flood, too! They have two layers of cotton terry, and one layer of PUL, between cotton knit. These are so fun to make on the serger, too; super fast!!!

William's Mother's Day Out school had a Spring Carnival and Silent Auction fundraiser today and it was a lot of fun. We didn't get to work any part of it because Doug was working, but we made a lot of treats for the Treat (Cake) walk!  We made bread, cinnamon rolls with cream cheese frosting, and blueberry muffins! They are all favorites, here, and I hope whoever won them enjoys them as much as we do.

There was a cool ride with a lots of cars that William rode a billion times, (at least 5) and Aldous rode once. It was nice that they loaded up under the porte-cochere so it was shady and cool for the parents all standing around.

That's William and Aldous in the blue car.

There was also a nice petting zoo. Lots of sweet baby animals to pet.

This baby goat like Aldous.

And he liked him right back.

William is an old hand at bottle feeding.

Both of the boys loved this friendly baby pig.

William did a couple of pony rides. He's been on a lot of pony rides this year, so it's not a big deal anymore. Jaded at three years old.

Aldous was the appointed "waver" at all the things William was doing. He waved EVERY time William went by!

This is ONE THIRD of all the goodies at the Treat Walk. William did his share to win them.

He's another time William rode the cars.

We had cheeseburgers, chips and fruit for lunch, then had Treat Walk prize cupcakes for dessert!

The boys rinsed their sticky hands in the fountain.

Waiting in line for yet ANOTHER car ride. This had to be his 4th time, here, because there's still a bit of a crowd. He totally closed down the car rides and was on the last go-round.

Another trip to the petting zoo.

This was a game. The object was to dig a prize out of the sand, but the boys just sifted the sand for 30 minutes, and kept putting all the prizes back. They totally didn't care about the prizes.

15minutes before the carnival was over, Doug showed up (he had been at work) to walk us back home. William held his friend Jake's hand.

And for no reason at all, a cute pic of the boys that Doug took.


Fabulous Terrah said...

Awwe, Jacki I LOVE those training pants! I was just telling my MIL earlier today how I've been trying to find some but they seem to not make them any more. If you have an Etsy store, I would love to buy a couple pair.

Starla said...

Jackie, I need some of these too! Astraea is potty training but she is a tiny thing. She weighs about 20-21 lbs. Let me know if you are willing to make me some. Thanks!!


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