What I've made lately......

First up, I made this little skirt to go with a tee I got in Hawaii, for friend's birthday. I added a little flower hair clippie, too. It's from McCall's 5696 pattern. I bound the edges  to match the waist band trim, then added some decorative features in the same trim. The main fabric is from Alexander Henry, and the tee is a Japanese Girl's Day shirt.

Then I made a ring sling for my friend, Erin. Erin used to be one of my students back when I taught at Ford High School, in Quinlan, but she's a grown-up now and has a little baby girl.

Aldous and I modeled it, too. Aldous is used to being carried on either the front or the back, so he wouldn't stay on my hip...he kept scooting around to the front!! What's funny is that this the way William like to ride, too, rather than on my hip.

I also made this little Kimono wrap top for a friend to purchase from my Etsy shop. I love those little karate kids!!! Wax on.....wax off....

And finally, in my list of stuff I made for non-family members, are these training pants with snap sides. The snaps are imperitive, because sometimes you need an emergency exit for some of those accidents!!

And finally, an Easter/spring dress for Audrey. Terah's gotten so good at sewing that this is probably the last Easter dress I'll make her!!  This is a Micheal Miller (I think) print I got at CityCraft back during a sale. The green is a linen I've had for a while. The pattern is McCall's 5648

I added an applique to the yoke, and used some tiny pearly buttons on the shoulders.

This dress has a cool pleat, and I added pockets with the appliques.

The back of the dress. I also added white piping, since the bodice and skirt weren't contrasting fabrics.

ooh, what's that peeping out from under that skirt?? Is it the EASTER BUNNY????

Of course not, silly!!! It's very fluffy, ruffly bloomers!!!

The bloomers are the green linen from the dress, with green tulle (from Terah's blessingway decorations) and dress fabric ruffles. I made all these ruffles in about 10 minutes on the serger. It was amazing.

I can't wait to see Audrey in it!!!


Jonna said...

Cute dress! Love it!

Goosegirl said...

Great stuff! Of course my favorites are the bloomers! SOOOOOO cute!

Krisinda said...

I LOVE those bloomers!!! They are adorable! They would be cute as shorts with a little sleeveless shirts - something to show them off (I know what I mean in my head and can't put it to words LOL).

Mrs. Bianca said...

I really need to learn how to do that piping, well any piping in general. Oh and I ADORE that pleat. Fancy, fancy. Those bloomers are pretty snazzy too!

Helen said...

That is such a cute dress!

Jacki said...

I'll give it a go, Rachel!!! It's on my to-do list. In the meantime, check out Ms. Maddie's Serger Emporium. She's on my blog role to the right. She does a fine job of explaining various serger techniques. :)

Mary Angel said...

I saw the button side training pants and it is just what we need for my grandson. He has cables attached to braces that go on his which he wears due to cerebral palsy and using regular pants is not an option. Do you have a pattern for the pants, it would be so helpful in getting him ready for the potty.


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