Day 2 pics and Narrative...fascinating stuff, here.

 On our first whole day in Hawaii, we went out exploring!

We had breakfast in our room: granola bars, fruit and applesauce left over from our traveling snacks, then coffee downstairs (omg, that coffee!!)
We thought we'd head toward Wal-mart to pick up some stuff we didn't bring with us, like food, more diapers, etc. Walking down city streets and seeing this in the back ground was a bit interesting!!

A cool tree we passed. It turns out that there are tons of these and most a lot bigger, but it was the first day, so I thought it was neat. I'm much more jaded now. The bird below is a cardinal. They are much smaller there, like 3 inches, tops, and only the head is red on the males. The females are all gray.

On the way we crossed this canal with a beautiful park around it. And lots of homeless people living there, too.

I also passed Fabric Mart, which I'd go to in a few days. I would have gone then but it was super early and it wasn't open yet.

On our travels, we passed by the local fire station! William was excited to see that they were yellow rather than red!

This hot nice fire fighter gave us a tour and let William climb into the engine.

Next we headed to this grocery, since it looked more exciting than Wal-mart (little did I know)
It's called Don Quijote (yes, Quixote..ha ha!). There were SO many Japanese products there, it was overwhelming!! We had so much fun looking at all the packages and trying to figure out what the items were. I couldn't make out most of it.

I was truly impressed by this entire 8ft freezer case full of noodles, though!!

Had no trouble finding the candy!! We probably spent the majority of our time here, ha ha!!
They had some cool stuff!!!
We did also buy regular stuff, like bread, bananas, peanut butter, jelly, soda, bottled water, etc.

On the way back to our hotel, we passed this giant pancake in front of IHOP, which was connected to the "Obama". William thought it said Obama and pointed it out nearly everytime we passed!! We could see this and IHOP from our balcony, I mean, *lanai*

Back in our room, we ate some lunch, and watched a bit of tv. Let me tell you, Honolulu needs to work on their PBS station. They only get about 5 kids shows and they play them all day, and they played the same ones for a week. It sucked!!! Even William got bored with it, and he LOVES repetition!

After a nap, we headed to the beach. It was a bit of walk, and we had to go through the Sheraton, but this was a lovely spot. It's down a ways from the larger part of Waikiki beach.

After a refreshing douse of salt water and sand, we headed back to our room for a shower. I think Aldous was a bit worn out from all of that fun!!

When Doug got back to the room, we headed out for dinner to a Hawaiian BBQ place he'd spotted on his walk to his fancy steak dinner. It turned out to be L&L which has a branch near here.. How funny is that? The menu was EXACTLY the same, too!! Oh yeah, and that's another homeless guy on the steps there. There were TONS of homeless people!!

A passerby gave William this flower. He was so happy with it, he kept it with him the whole evening.
He was pretty hungry, too, and ate all of his L&L cheeseburger and fries. I was afraid that he would pronounce the L&L burger too yucky, because it has mayo and ketchup, but NOPE!! also the fries were crinkle cut...he ate it all!!!

Then we headed back to sleep, WORN OUT!!!


FabulousTerrah said...

A foxy fireman can always brighten a day. :)

Evelyn Dalton said...

that looked fun and exhausting!


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