AND...............Day 3, Hawaii, again....;)

A little before-breakfast survey of the land below. The rails were wide enough for Aldous' whole body to slip through, so he enjoyed the view either safely from his stroller, or from a closely supervised chair. Or my lap.

William, hilariously, loved shouting to the passersby below "Hey!! Can you hear me, guys?".

On the third day, we had breakfast at IHOP, which was an adventure. The meal was delivered, unexpectedly, in courses, with Aldous' oatmeal being served at the last course. The accompaniment of the jet fuel-laced coffee only added another level to the delight! William was also disappointed that the giant pancake wasn't there.

After our yummy meal (ha!) Doug went off to work, and the boys and I headed towards Wal-mart, with hopes of a detour to the Japanese bookstore, Hakubundo.

It was a pretty cool store! Lots of candy, books, and stationery, with a few craft supplies thrown in.
Here is the bag of super delicious candy I bought to bribe William's silence while I shopped. They were chewy and individually wrapped.

After looking at all the books, I found this awesome one!! I love it!! It has some simple tunics and dresses, and tops, that will look fab!!

The clerk who checked us out wasn't the one who sold us the candy and was surprised there were TWO babies...she had seen Aldous in the ergo, but had no idea William was there. When I told her my secret, she had a big laugh of the silently chewing toddler with a heap of wrappers in his lap!

Wal-mart was just around the corner.

And Ross was just across the street. I debated going in, but i hadn't been fabric shopping yet and didn't want to take up valuable luggage space on clothes.

Instead of the usual McDonald's, this Wal-mart had an L&L Hawaiian BBQ. I had a big laugh about that.

Not realizing they had fabric, I bought the few things I had come for, and looked around just a little bit. William was getting sleepy.
I did notice that they had these on clearance for $4..for ADULTS!!

William didn't make it all the way home before crashing.

After a nap and lunch, the boys enjoyed their first Go-gurt on the lanai

Then, we washed up, packed up, and headed to the beach!!!

At the beach, we met a couple who had a baby who was Aldous' twin. They were from Canada. They said where, but I have no idea. Anyway, can you believe these gorgeous people had a baby who looks just like the one Doug and I had?? How weird ARE genetics?? The babies actually look more alike than this pic shows; Aldous was a bit freaked out by the strange man holding! Aldous is 3 wks older.

After dinner somewhere I don't remember (that may have been the terrible gross yucky Jack-in-the-Box meal) we stopped by the convenience store for a bit more soda and a late night snacky snack. These were so good, I brought some home.

And the sunset from our lanai.

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