I'm back!! Pics and Narrative from Hawaii, Day 1

I'm most certain that this will be as spell-binding as my trip to Las Vegas back in 2008.

We all went to Hawaii a couple weeks ago with Doug. He had to go there on business and we got to tag along. We were totally on a shoestring budget since the trip wasn't a planned vacation we had saved up for. Nonetheless, there were plenty of adventures to be had.

The boys sleep peacefully, unaware of the fun and frolic in their future.

Our flights weren't very early, so we didn't have to hurry, AND I had packed everything the night before. Doug and Aldous had an early flight scheduled then did William and I, but we went along while he checked in and nabbed some stand-by passes and got to fly on the same plane. WOOT!
However, they were way in the back of the plane, so once were on the plane, I only saw them a couple of times. That flight is EIGHT HOURS LONG!!!!! Quite dreadful.

William fell asleep before we got in the air, so I read my book (and then left it on the plane...whaaaa!)

After William woke up, he colored and stuck some stickers to paper. This is not a good pic of William because I accidentally got a picture of the hottie gentleman sitting by us the whole flight who kept chatting us up.
And here we are!! I had to take a lot of pics of myself on this trip (constant frustration!!!) or else you would have no idea I had even come along.

We took a shuttle back to the hotel. William and Aldous enjoyed it quite a bit, but the music was very weird. All 80s pop and r&b.

Our view from the shuttle

After we got to our room and made a mess of it, Doug had to hurry off to his fancy steak dinner with his coworker, so the boys and I headed out to the local McDonald's.

This place was SO STICKY!!! and they didn't salt ANYTHING!!

And there birds all over the place. This one was hanging out by Aldous, who dropped a few things.

After that fab meal, I took the boys up to the room and we changed for a swim in the pool!!!

William wanted to wear his Coast Guard-approved (yeah, take that Tom Muehlenbeck employees!) shark floaty, but he wanted to put it on himself. Ha ha!!

I helped him out, and we were on our way! It turned out to be a bit chilly for Aldous, but William had a grand time!! Until I laid the smack down on him for throwing the landscaping stones into the pool....oh well!!!

By the time we got back up to the room, showered and got pjs on, Doug was home!! Welcome home, Doug, to your messy cell!!


FabulousTerrah said...

Yay for Hawaii! Looking forward to reading about day 2...

Evelyn Dalton said...

you have positively adorable children!! anxious for day 2!


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