Snow Day!!! and Valentines for school

The boys crack me up all bundled up for the cold!!! They aren't used to the cold and think it's funny to put on hats and mittens with their jackets.

Snow sticking to the trees and plants, but nowhere else.

Snow on the huge dining room skylight. It makes it sort of dark in here.

Valentine's Fun

I didn't sew a thing yesterday....Not a stitch!!! It's been freaking cold here (not that that has anything to do with my lack of sewing) but I've been busy getting stuff together for William's St. Valentine's Day party at his MDO tomorrow. I hope Dallas doesn't close schools as they're forecasting ice....I worked hard on these pouches!!!!

I got some gummy hearts, small packages of conversation hearts and some St. Valentine's Day stickers to go in the pouches. I didn't want to get too crazy with the candy because I don't want to be "that mom" who sugars up all the kids  and doesn't know any better than to give kids a lot of candy.

Stinky helped, as usual, assemble all of the pouches.

I put a lot of chocolate in the teachers pouches and left out the stickers and stuff.

After I got them all filled, I had to assemble the cards. I separated them from one another, wrote on them, added the "holograph sticker prize", punched a hole in them, and then tied them to the handle of the goodie pouches. Then I sealed the card closed with a heart sticker!! WHEW!!!! It took forever!!

The only thing I have left to do, now, is to buy and cut up fruit to be served at the party.
And, of course, figure out how to get rid of ALL THESE DELICIOUS LEFTOVERS!!!!!


meshell said...

Cute! I love the idea of doing little felt pouches! Sadly, I was not on the ball this year and ended up sending lame store-bought cards that had fake tattoos inside. :p

Jacki said...

I have lame cards, too, but since V-day corresponded w/ stash game, I had to make something. Ordinarily, I do not. I just tied my lame cards to the felt pouches. I like your zippered heart pouch idea. Where did you see it?


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