Days 6 and7 Sewing!!

Fun stuff for Aldous!!! Kwik Sew for Toddlers tee shirt, and Ottobre's beach shorts. The shorts are a girl pattern in a more recent Otto, maybe last spring or summer? Anyway, they were so simple, I adopted them for baby shorts for Aldous.

Another yoga pants from Lalala3 for William. I adore that book!!!

Aldous modeling his shirt

From Lalala3, again, is a peasant dress for Audrey. Aldous was asleep so I had to use "this" model. Not quite as cute!!

And a peasant top for Audrey!! I like these so much, and I think they're pretty practical, too.

I made this awesome blouse for myself, out of long treasured fabric from a pattern I found that I thought was PERFECT for it!! BUT it's too small. A lot too small. OOps!!
This is the Modern Sewing (m-patterns free download) Orange Blouse.

Check out the flared sleeves, the close-together buttons, the darts on the front and back for a close, flattering fit (except on me, of course)!! I really like this pattern tho and really want a blouse for myself like this, so I'm going to pass this on, and make another a size or two larger.

I'm at about 200 pts. so far, I think!!

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meshell said...

That Lalala stuff looks cool! I'm going to have to ask my cousin to hit up the Japanese bookstores before she visits. ;)


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