Pants from Lalala 3, and a Kwik Sew Swimsuit.

Ok!! Here's yesterday's work! A fancy pair of yoga pants for William, from my Japanese serger patterns book. The patterns are great and easy, well fitting so far. It's Lalala 3
There is a whole series of them, but they're kind of expensive, especially since I can't read the instructions.

I left the hem on this french terry unfinished and put a double needle top stitch right above it, to encourage it to roll up (and to stop it from rolling up too far.)

here's my fav model, William. For some reason, he thinks THIS pose is the optimal pose, and tries to model everything this way.

Poofy training pants butt w/ knock knees and lint.

More knock-knees

This is what I got when I asked him to show the waist band. Look at that face!! Ha ha!!

And finally, swim wear for Doug. It's freezing at the indoor pool at the Y, so Doug needed a shirt to swim in. I made him one, and some matching trunks. Kwik Sew 2881
This is a really easy pattern, too.

Maybe soon I'll get a modeling pic of these. ;) So far, I'm at 102 points

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