Day Four!! from Feb 4th

More sewing from Lalala 3, for Audrey. A peasant top with capris. The top is a rib from JoAnn, and the pants are jersey with stretch lace at the hem.

I had Aldous model it, since Audrey wasn't here.

He didn't mind, too much.

Also, is this set for Aldous. A double sleeve tee from an indigo rib from Golden D'or ($1/yd) with some scraps for sleeves and neck band. I used ooga booga snaps from KAMsnaps.com, although Aldous' head is skinny enough that I don't actually have to unsnap the shirt to put it on him.

Matching Cresent Moon Yoga pants.

The pants are too big around the waist, as usual. I swear I take off two inches from the pattern piece and they're still too big.

he wasn't feeling cooperative for this photo shoot. Ha ha

AND the stinker already nipped a hole in the pants with scissors.


meshell said...

Cute! I might have to ask my cousin to look for some of those books at the Japanese bookstore near her!

Jacki said...

That Lalala is a whole series!! there are some really nice ones, tho the adult clothing is a bit on the small side.


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