William is 3 years old!. Happy birthday, my sweet boy!!

3 years ago, today, baby William was born!!! Here he is, just two days old. Sweet baby!!!

William's first birthday! The poor little guy had a bit of cold, but enjoyed the day, anyway. His cake was horrible!! oops!! I don't know if he noticed.

Last year he had an AWESOME cake!! I chose the theme and shape, but he really liked it. Look what a baby face he still had.

Here's this year's cake. I had intended to make monkey cupcakes, but when I mentioned that to William, he looked horrified!!! He said "No!! I want a big cake, with candles, on DAT plate!!" referring to the cake plate. I realized he's spent the better part of the year looking at pictures of birthday cakes in books, and the cupcakes just didn't match his expectations. Doug choose confetti cake mix, and I decorated it with all-butter, butter cream frosting and sprinkles. He was VERY happy.

Doug blew up some balloons and hung a banner. He put another banner along the buffet counter.

For our meal, I had made chili and cornbread. It was SO good!!!

We were on our second bowls of chili, but William was ready for cake, so we moved right along. I mean, he IS the birthday boy!! Look how happy he is!! He's been waiting for it to be his own birthday, after celebrating everyone else's birthdays all year.

He was a bit uncomfortable with the attention while we sang Happy Birthday. It was so cute!!!

He was very serious about blowing out his candle, too!

Aldous was excited about having some cake!

Very messy!!!

Doug accidentally poked Aldous with the plastic fork he was feeding him with. He was fine, but it was an unhappy surprise!

Sticky hands!!

Terah and Audrey, and Dina's parents' roaster.


Lacey and Lacey(aka Annie)

Right after the cake was the strip tease!!!

Luckily the shoes stopped him from doing any further undressing!

Aldous enjoying some more snacks.

May I open my gift now??

Excited to get a bike helmet, with knee and elbow pads! And a Paul Frank one, at that! William loves Julius.

Audrey wonders where her gifts are.

Lacey and Annie....such a sweet baby!!

Audrey was really sad when she realized she wasn't getting any presents until Christmas.

William trying out the safety gear!!!

William's a cool character, while Aldous is the master of bucket hats.

Look they ARE twins!!

Double trouble, these two!!!

It was a great day!! William had a nice time, and was ready for his nap by 2. He said, while relaxing upstairs, "I like my cake with sprinkles." .


meshell said...

Aw, what a great party! Happy birthday, William!

Dina said...

I am so glad my parents' roaster could fill in for me!!

what a nice celebration :)

p.s. I see the new painting - love it!!

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