A lot of shirts without buttons, a dress, and CityCraft

I severely altered a Burda boys' shirt pattern to make it into a western-style shirt, complete with embroidered yokes and contrasting piping!!

This shirt is for a friend who is doing her own pearl snaps. I "cannot" apply set snaps by hand...there is something TOO intricate in the operation and it makes me sweat. So, I agreed to make the shirts, but the snaps are DIY.

The cherries embroidery pattern is from Jenny Hart.

I used the same pattern for William's Christmas shirt, but got the embroidery patterns from Needlecrafter: there are some great patterns on there for the hand-embroiderer. For Aldous' shirt, top, I used a Butterick pattern, also severely altered. These also have contrasting piping, and the back/bottom side of the collar is dark red fabric, too!

To finish these, I'm hoping to find some appropriate pearl snap-like buttons at Golden D'or's Black Friday sale, but if not, I'm sure to have something in the ton-o'-buttons that Bonnie gave me.

Since Aldous' shirt didn't have a placket or cuff, I did a band of the contrast fabric on the sleeve hem.

In coordinating Moda fabric, I did Audrey's dress, from Ottobre. It's a simple dress with a zippered back, contrasting yoke, and I added a bit of piping to the yoke, as well.

And a snowflake button.

Last night I went to CityCraft's SECOND EVER lounge night...it was so fun!! Everyone there was friendly and people were making the most awesome things!! I, however, made this onesie to go with Audrey's Thanksgiving bloomers. AND I didn't finish it there because I had to use my snap press here.

I put not-quite-matching-but-awesome-because-they're-Ooga Booga snaps on it. I got these from KAMsnaps.com, but rumor has it these are selling out!! ACK!!! I almost bought more, because she's almost out of them, but I have a gazillion so there's no chance of ME running out any time soon.

Off to crack the whip on those elves!!! Santa's to-do list is HUGE this year!!! work, work, work!!


Julia said...

Cute, cute, cute. What is the pattern number on that Ottobre dress?

Goosegirl said...

Jacki, awesome sewing!! I LOVE the cherry shirt, but then you know I love cherries.

Your craft night sounds blissful. Wish I weren't so far away, or I would come too!

Jacki said...

Julia, it's from 6/08, the Dolly Dress. Terah has the magazine so I can't tell you specifically.

Jacki said...

Sivje, the whole time I was working on the cherry shirt I thought of you!! I couldn't wait for you to see it!!

Wild Horse Ranch said...

wow those are all super cute!


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