the footy jammies project

I'm on a mission to make a couple of pairs of the zipper footy pajamas. However, the only footy pj pattern I have uses snaps, and doesn't have any grippy stuff on the foot. The foot and leg are constructed from one piece.

So...I'm working on. Here's my first try. The zipper is good, but I need to add an inch or so to the sole of the foot, and put some elastic at the ankles to keep them from drooping.

I put some socks on Aldous so he wouldn't fall in his droopy feet.

I used my cheaper JoAnn knit for these rather than my super special robot and weiner dog fabric I'd been saving up.I wanted to make sure I got it right before I used those.
See the grippy stuff? it's a bit short. It's fine for his walking around but I'll need to add some elastic to the ankles of these.

The pattern I altered so much is the snapped footed pajamas from Kwik Sew's Sewing for Baby.

here's my second try!! I made the sleeves a bit longer, the grippy foot longer, and added elastic to the ankle. MUCH better!!!

lots of grippy foot!!!

demostrating the elasticized ankles.

see?? You can walk in these and they won't trip you!!!

I'm totally ready for the wiener dog fabric!! Hurray!!

I did it!! My favs so far!! I didn't want to start with this fabric, lest I mess it up and be sad. :(
However, these turned out perfectly, and got a size tag, to boot!!

I didn't want the first pair to not be used because of the too small grippy area and the non-elasticized droopy ankles, so I cut off the feet and sewed on some cuffs.

And should you be worried that I had depleted the world supply of zippers on this quest, fear not. I have a bin of zippers just waiting to be used. In fact, many of those zippers have been waiting 30 years or more to be used. I bought a huge box of vintage zippers at an auction about 15 years ago and am still working on it. I have since bought some smaller-sized zipper lots, but the majority are the vintage auction zippers.

In keeping with the resourcefulness, all solid color fabrics used on these pajamas were from my knit scrap bin, which rivals my knit stash itself.


meshell said...

OMG, I am super impressed! I don't think I'd ever think to try sewing footy pajamas myself!

Jacki said...

even the first pair took just a bit over an hour to make, the last pair about 45 minutes. Who knew??

Wild Horse Ranch said...

wow!! you did a great job! however-i am not suprised-you are very good at this sort of thing!!


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