A New Shirt for Me!!

But first, a cute picture of the boys, holding hands nicely. This lasted for about 3 more feet, then was all over.

This is the long sleeved tee shirt pattern Jalie 2805. I love Jalie patterns!! The fit is great, they go together so easily and they have like 27 sizes in one pattern. This fabric was a panel I had gotten at Golden D'or (Golden "door" not "dee orr", by the way) but hadn't found the appropriate pattern (i.e. one that fits) to make any thing with it. I've had it for MONTHS!!! I have a couple more of this yellow and a few of a blue with tulips. The blue knit is from Silviav73 (of UbetUwin) on eBay, my fav source for knit solids.

Close up of the front design.

Not a bad fit for a first time using a pattern. I pronounce this one a winner!!!


Mrs. Bianca said...

I LOVE that shirt!!! Waay cute and adore the fabric. Thanks for the clarification on Golden D'or. I've pronounced it both ways, never knowing which one was correct.

Helen said...

OMGosh, I love that shirt! I *so* have to learn how to sew.


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