Black Friday Haul!!

I only went to two places today, both for fabric. I make most of our holiday gifts, so I don't do a lot of purchasing at the other sales, unless I need an appliance for cheap. I think wal-mart had a bunch of small appliances this year for $3 each or something crazy!!!

I went to JoAnn Fabrics first, at 6am. The one I go to is small and caters mostly to people who sew. They carry VERY few craft items, compared to some of the HUGE stores. They have to same amount, and sometimes more, fabric than the others. Consequently, this store doesn't have a huge crazy mean crowd for Black Friday. In fact, I saw two people I had met last year.

I picked up some of the flannel.
Here are some owls, and mushrooms. The mushrooms are on a more grassy green than the camera could record and I didn't have any look with the editing, so I just left it.

Some man flannel.

a skulls and roses, and ROCKETS!!!

pirate, also on green. My camera was off the greens today, I guess!!

At JoAnn I also picked up two of the .99 Butterick patterns, and some thread (50% off)

After I dropped all the flannel off at home, and had a second cup of coffee, I headed to Golden D'or with my coupon. I had already made my list so, it was easy to get what I came for.
This first fabric is also a greenish heather, a very heavy and soft rib. The other is a cream quilted knit.

a black stretch denim remnant and black/white stripe french terry

a light linen/cotton blend for my pattern drafting test, and a light jersey with stars.

both of these are soft and drapey like they may have a bit of rayon in them. a grey with dots and wings, and a nice brown.

This cute remnant. The stripes are horizontal.

and some buttons!! The blue and the stars are for the boys' shirts, and I got the yellow ones for myself.


Jonna said...

I've got oodles of that Rocket flannel if you need some! I've also got some Owl flannel from awhile back, too.

Jacki said...

need, you say??? *NEED*????
bwwwaaaahhhhaaaaa, haaaa, the idea!!!

I didn't *need* anything I bought, really, but I'm using some of it for Christmas gifts, so I'm gonna play like I did. ;)


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