Story time!!!

FYI: if you left click your mouse on the picture, you get a BIGGER image!! You can save that one for your own personal use. ;)

William asked Doug to read him a story the other night, and Aldous decided to join them!! He was FULL of hijinks, though!!

William became annoyed with him and moved to the other side.

Aldous gets pretty involved with story time.

Moving in for a closer look!

I think Aldous succeeded in totally getting on William's nerves through TWO stories.


Sarah @ Maison Boheme said...

Wow... Aldous is so much bigger than last I saw him!

Stacey said...

aww.....how cute. good pics of the boys and doug, in his (i hate this expression but...) "wife beater t-shirt".

Jacki said...

ha ha, Stacey!!! I think "wife-beater" refers only to sleeveless undershirts. :) So, you're saved from having to use the term. WHEW!!!


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