KAMsnaps.com REVIEW and new jackets for the boys.

KAMsnaps.com rocks!!

Big raves for Judy at KAMsnaps.com for her fantastic costumer service. I checked out some super snaps on her website for my kids' winter jackets, sewed them up, and when I went back to order them, one of the kind I needed wasn't on the site anymore!!!

Talk about a panic!!! I HAD to have those snaps!! I emailed right then and there to ask what was up, at 9pm mind you, and she replied immediately.

Not only did she hook me up with the snaps I was searching for, she shipped the order out the next day!! I had my order SO quickly, for a good price and with a smile on my face, to boot!!! Thanks, Judy!!!

That's not the only time I've emailed with questions and gotten a quick response back, but that sure was AWESOME customer service. I would recommend shopping at KAMsnaps to anyone, any day!!

The Winter Jackets

It doesn't get terrible cold here, so for the boys' winter jackets, I just went with a fleece lined with a knit. Mind you, I had never MADE a lined jacket before, nor had I applied snaps to a garment, but what the heck?? I gave it a whirl.

To learn to make a lined jacket, I made Aldous first, in the Ottobre Ghost Jacket pattern, from Ottobre 6/2007. The design called for a little ghost applique on the front, and it was serendipitous that I had chosen to line it with an Ooga Booga fabric that had monsters which look a LOT like the ghost!! So exciting!!

Anyway, it turned out well, AND I finished it off with Ooga Booga snaps, available at KAMsnaps.com.

William's jacket was a bit easier. I decided against recreating the pain in the butt elasticized sleeve cuffs and hood in the raglan sweatshirt pattern, found in the Kwik Sew for Toddlers book, the more modern version. That book of patterns is, by far, the most useful pattern purchase I have ever made. I use the pieces in that book to make just about any clothing imaginable for kids!! It's a great investment. I also have the vintage version of Kwik Sew for Toddlers, Kwik Sew for Babies, and Kwik Sew for Children, all of which are the same caliber as the one first mentioned. I DID just order Sew Beautiful Lingerie from the same company, and I'm excited for that to come!! 2 more weeks!!

Anyway, I used the patterns for the raglan sleeves, the raglan tee front and back, and the hood, plus the cuffs.
Like Aldous' jacket, William's was fleece outside and cotton knit inside. The print for the inside was airplanes, that I got from Fabric.com. They had it for one of their Daily Deals, so I got it for $2.50/yd. WOOT!! I looked at their store for it, to give a link, but they don't have any more I guess.
I constructed the jacket the same way, except for adding the ribbing cuffs, and omitting the elastic from the hood. I also lengthened the fronts and backs by two inches, to make sure it covered his hip area when standing.

I finished this with red engraved airplane snaps from KAMsnaps.com. They are SO cute, and I love having little details like that to add, just to make the things I sew EXTRA special!!! They cost very little more than plain snaps, so they're totally worth it!

Airplane snap/ blue ooga booga snap

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meshell said...

Those are both super freaking adorable!! Great idea to do a little lined jacket, and I especially love the snaps! :D


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