The Sunday of shirts and an air show.

Tee Shirt Sunday

Today I whipped up a bunch of long sleeved tees for William, who is woefully lacking of cooler-weather clothing. These tees are easy-peasy and I have a few raglans lined up for tomorrow. These are Kwik Sew for Toddlers. William wears a 3T in KSFT, but I have to buy a 4T ready-to-wear, go figure.

Today I also made this shirt for Doug, for swimming. I call it a swimsuit top, but I'm sure there is better name for a man's shirt....anyway, it's Kwik Sew 2881. I measured his back/waist length and made it according to the right size but I think it could really be a bit longer. Otherwise, it fits great. He likes it. He need a shirt like this for swimming at the YMCA with William. They keep the indoor pool area a bit cool, for some reason.

This past week I had a bunch of sewing to do: here's just a bit of it.
Two pairs of pajamas in Thomas the Train fabric. I mostly made up the top, but the pattern for the pants is Kwik Sew for Toddlers, except I added two inches to the length, cut it off, added a bit of the opposite color for trim, folded it in half, then sewed back on.

And a sheep dress, with fancy sheep buttons. Bodice and sleeves are Kwik Sew for Toddlers, with about 6 inches in length taken off the bottom of the bodice. I also added 1" to the sleeve length to bind it, rather than make a ribbing cuff.

Fort Worth Alliance Air Show

Doug took William to check out the air show for a couple hours, which explains all of the sewing that I finished today. William had a great time, but was scared by some of the louder planes. It was Doug's first air show and he really LOVED it!!

He's inspecting this wheel pretty closely.

Taking a picture of Doug taking a picture of him (with his invisible camera, of course)

Cutie-patootie posing !!

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Dina said...

nice job on the sewing!

and the air show is fun - I went once many, many years ago.


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