Wrap Pants Sew-Along: Grand Finale!!!

We're almost finished!!!

Last time, we sewed a long tube out of a 2 yard length of fabric to make the ties. and turned it right side out.

Here, I've folded in half, and will cut it, to make two lengths.

Fold it once again, and cut, again.

You'll make four ties.

These will be attached to the corners of the unfinished waist, both front and back.

You'll be attaching the ties, top stitching them, and hemming the waists, all in one seam. Hurray!!
So, place one end of a tie at the corner of the waist, then fold down the fabric once.

Fold it down a second time, and pin. repeat this all along the waist, to the opposite corner and tie.

Then do the other unfinished side the same way, until all is pinned down and ready to be sewn.

Start at one tie end, and tuck the unfinished edges into the tube. Start sewing on this end, across the hem, to the opposite tie, and down it to the end of the last tie, where you'll tuck in the ends there to sew closed.

The is how it looks. I left the needle in the fabric and turned it so I could sew down where the tie was attached to be sure it was sewn on well, the left the needle in the fabric again, turned, and continued hemming.

here are my NEW sexy pants, modeled in my daughter's track shirt in my block strewn living room. :)

And my happy block-strewer, Aldous, admiring my new pants up close.

Hurray! and good luck with your new wrap pants!!

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Sarah said...

Yay for new wrap pants! Love the fabric.


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