Bartering!! My In-Search-Of List!!

last year, I got SO many of my family's Christmas gifts by trading things I could make for them!!
I'd like to try that again, so I'm starting my ISO list here. I will update as I get further along with my planning. I am open to offers, if you what you have isn't listed.

wood, soft vinyl or cloth play food
doll accessories like diapers, slings, clothes, highchair
puzzle storage rack
wood, metal or recycled plastic tea set and dishes
bread machine
Modern woman's Jeans or Pants, size 12-ish. Pm for measurements
pointy-toe ankle boots, brown or black, size 8.5
Toy broom and mop
astronomy maps or books
telescope for adults (long shot)
8x8 or 9x9 Pyrex baking dish
adult sweaters with at least 50% wool, cashemere, alpaca, etc content.

I have, or can make, the following. Let me know if you need something made that's not listed, I can probably make it!!

*Wool longies/soakers from recycled sweater, in my store, $12 value
*fitted cloth diapers, all cotton $8 value each (pm for print or color choices)
*knit two piece baby (infant) outfits $20 value each (pm for color choices)
*Woven or Brocade Kimono and Pants Infant sets $30 value each (pm for fabric choices)
*Knit or Fleece Yoga infant or toddler pants $10 value
*Various booties, bibs, grocery bags and other items custom made.
*1 dz Cinnamon rolls, $15 value
* Two loaves of bread, $8 value
*Fancy cheesecake, $25
*women's size 8-ish skirts and pants
*NWT infant layette items
*any custom made items, children's, baby's or womens.
*clothing alterations, mending

Happy Holiday!!

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