Hopping Mad!!! and some bargains, and breastfeeding.

Fabric Woes.
I was going to blog tonight about my favorite sewing books and give a brief review of what's good about each one. BUT, I'm too mad, so I'll do it tomorrow.

This afternoon, while perusing my favorite sewing message board, I was made aware of this fabric, currently on sale at Jo-Ann Fabric and Crafts for about $5/yd.

Well, I knew knits were on sale, but I was waiting 'til Saturday to go so that flannel and interfacing/patter ease would be on sale, too. With the advent of the owl corduroy, though, I knew I needed to act fast.
As soon as Doug was in the door, I ran out and hurried down to my local Jo-Ann, but to no avail. it turns out a local sewist had bought all the bolts in the metroplex to use for her business, leaving not even a remnant. I'm so sad!!!

I did pick up the knits I came for, though, and a bit of another cord. the dots are exceptionally soft, so I'm pleased with them.

Moving Sale Bargains!!!
A family I know is moving to China soon, so I swung by their sale to see if I "needed" anything, and got a few bargains!!
I got 4 mediums Bummis diaper covers, 10 large prefolds(good quality!!) and 5 thick Sherpa inserts/doublers.

Those alone are worth the $10 I paid, but in addition, I got a cool crab float with a sun shade for Aldous, like this

and the Melissa and Doug peg pounding thing, like this...in perfect, like-new condition!!

AND, I got a sack of her unfinished diaper making projects which had a kit for an All-In-one, and a diaper cover, but really enough PUL diaper cuts for FIVE diapers!!! with some elastic and Velcro, and a wool blend sweater for longies. They are a feminine color scheme and will probably end up in my store. I'm pretty pleased with my purchases.

August is Breastfeeding Awareness Month
It's Breastfeeding Awareness month, and in honor of it, here are some pics of breastfeeding that happened today.

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Kimmygintx said...

Hope they both have full tummies! ;)


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