I've been on a quest to make a romper for about two years. The fruits of that design quest will be another (terribly amusing) post.

Before I could work on it, though, I had to finish sewing some diapers. I got 12 done this week, but I'm taking a break b/c I need to get a bit more lastin and loop tape to finish up the last 12.
8 of those I made yesterday. YIKES!!! I was anxious to get busy on that romper.

I finally think I've made one I'm happy with. Well, almost happy. In my irrational fear of making sleeves too short, I've made these too long (this happens to me a lot).

But, other than that, I LOVE it!!! :)

I'm considering making and selling the pattern once I get the kinks worked out and the construction streamlined, in sizes 3-24mths. Perhaps I will try a puffed sleeve, as well, for a more feminine look? Do you think anyone would buy this pattern?
I have no idea how to take my drafted pattern into a down loadable form, but I'll figure it out!

Here it is: The Heli-romper!

The tricky part: the snap crotch. Turned out to be not-so-tricky, with my new and improved method!!

My happy model. He was NOT happy 10 minutes before this. I had to nurse him to get him this happy!!

Daddy helping out with this pose. *sigh* Aldous will be in kindergarten before he learns to walk, at this rate!!

Anyway, there it is!! I'm super proud of being so close on a pattern design! WOOT!!!

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