A little bit of our vacation: Crystal Beach

We headed to Crystal Beach this summer, and here are some pics from the beach. We also rented a cool house and did some sight-seeing: a few new-to-us places!

We bought this highly rated cast cover (for $30!!) and after a lot of hard work and advice to get the right size, it was about  3 inches too short, and it was thin at the top and ripped a hole the first time we put it on. :( So, William spent maybe  4 minutes in the water the whole time. yay.

Aldous spent a lot of time pretending to be a mermaid.

Crystal Beach beach patrol

All of the little ones loved this tidal pool!


One day William dug a couple of really big holes.

We brought some stuff to feed the seagulls one day: that was a lot of fun.

This kid caught a shark! He put it back.

Audrey in the giant hole.

Amanda and I. We have a pic that includes Terah but she was not happy about taking a pic, so I didn't share that one.

That's all the beach pics! I have some more fun ones coming up soon!


momtofatdogs said...

I missed something...How did William get a cast? I mean, what for? Surgery or a break?

Is he okay???


Jacki said...

ha ha, he's ok! He broke his leg riding his bike, and was in a cast for 5 weeks. But, it's coming off tomorrow! I'll do a post about the whole thing. he's a maniac even in a cast, he walks everywhere...he will not be stopped!

momtofatdogs said...

OK! I read your blog frequently & didn't see where I'd seen that!


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