Big Boys at the Park: Riding Bikes, Swinging and Other Adventures

So, William's been using a Skuut for a couple of years, since he was 2, and over the summer got too large for it.  He just had his 5th birthday. We got him a bike that was the right size for his height, but he was intimidated by it and didn't like to try to ride it. He had great balance and steering skills, but he was too afraid of the bike. I took him out on it a couple of times but he was too scared to ride it without me holding on. Fast forward to Christmas: we bought him a bike that's too small for him, the same size as his wooden Skuut (which met an untimely demise under the wheels of the Jeep)

Doug took him out on the new bike and he just pedaled away! As if he'd been riding all along. Now I feel a bit guilty for not getting him this transitional bike earlier...I knew he was ready to ride over the summer.. Once his leg muscles build up, we'll put him back on the appropriately sized bike. No training wheels needed, here. Pedaling is super easy: the hard part is the steering and balancing, but he learned all that on the Skuut. Anyone who can walk  is capable of pedaling.

He looks like a circus clown on a tiny bike..ha ha!

Aldous got a Skuut, but the metal one. It's larger than the wooden one, so he's struggling a little. It's super hard work!

gliding along on a bike requires a lot of tongue hanging out. It helps you think better, you know.


Back at work! See that silly tongue?

Still with the tongue...I hope he doesn't crash and bite it off.

We can't keep up with speedy William. His leg muscles are still weak and uphills kill him! but he's a maniac on the downhills!

We took a playground break before heading home. William can "push himself" on the swing now.

And do tricks.

He's been able to go down the pole for a while.

We knew it was time to leave with this gang showed up. 6 people. 8 dogs. very noisy!!

Happy trails!


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