Sewing: No, it's not; it's my neatly-stored FABRIC!

So, I spent the last couple of weeks working on culling the herd, so to speak. Donated a bunch of fabric, threw away a bunch of way too small scraps, and folded all the rest onto 11x7 cardboards marked with their width and length. WHEW!!  334 yards!! Check this out! (this is the before, last year)

The majority of my fabric now fits here, on these closet shelves. In that basket up there ^^^ are cumbersome items that were more like fluffy balls than mini-bolts, so they required a basket to contain them.

The basket on the far left are random projects...like basket liners, pillow cases, etc I need to finish up for gifting.

The red shallow bin is fabric that is about 1/4-1/2 yd. They're too big for the scrap bin, by my definition, but too small for me to bother with wrapping up. Not many of these, anyway.

This basket ^^^^ right there is a basket full of fabrics PERFECT for making wipes!! There are a lot of large flannel scraps in prints and solids, plus cotton terry, a bit of sherpa and hemp french terry! I have plenty of wipes, already, and my youngest is 3 y/o. FREE!!! (pay for shipping and I'll mail it to you!!). If I don't get rid of it, anyone cloth-diapering a baby is getting wipes for Christmas.

These are my scrap bins: wovens on the left, knit prints on the right (except for that random green piece). These were SO huge, before, that they were stacked a good foot above the height of the sides. Obviously I've pared them down considerably. Good grief, I don't even KNOW why some of that stuff even made into the bin...

I keep my solid knit scraps separate by color (mostly) in giant ziplocks. I use these for neck bands, armbands, sleeve and leg cuffs, waist and leg bands, binding, etc. and I usually don't want to cut into my yardage for small pieces like that.

These are all of my solid knits. I got rid of a bunch, folded the rest. Now they all fit in here nicely. Before, it was just ugly. Now, I sort of like it!

For how I folded the fabric, check this post.

I'm so excited about this, but still looking for ideas on how to sort the rest of the fabric. I have mostly apparel fabric (now that I've cleared the hoard) but have a hard time coming up with ideas on how to categorize stuff. Any recommendations are welcome!


Julia said...

Why is it so hard to throw away fabric scraps at the end of a project?

Goosegirl said...

Jacki, it looks great!!!

Mrs. Bianca said...

awesome job! I think you have inspired me! If I was a cloth wipe user, I would totally take you up on your offer. That stuff is awesome!


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