Sewing: (finally) White Polo Shirt

goofy kid

Fascinating stuff, here! I haven't had as much sewing time as I'm used to having, but I *had* to make this because William was one shirt short for his weekly uniforms. He only goes to school 3 days per week, but we need a fourth outfit because I do laundry on Friday, while he's at school in one of them.

this is the polo shirt pattern from LaLaLa 3, the Japanese pattern book. I love it SO much! Nice, trim, modern-fitting patterns. It's my Japanese equivalent of  Kwik Sew's Sewing for Toddlers/Children. It even has undershirts and underpants...the whole wardrobe! If you make polo shirts which pattern is working well for you? I've heard great things about the Kwik Sew pattern.

This weird puckering on my hem from my coverstitch machine. This happens occasionally but I'm not experienced enough with it yet to understand how to prevent it. Any ideas, tips? I'm still new at it, and I don't have any attachments. I wonder if there is an attachment only for hemming.

Size tag and "handmade" ribbon. He's really more of a 6, but this shirt is a size 110, and I don't have any cm size tags. I used single fold bias tape to bind finish the collar seam.

The collar this time is interlock. I've done them in traditional (purchased) polo collars, woven cotton poplin, and this time I'm trying interlock. I have a hard time finding youth polo collars to purchase, anyway. Sew Baby sometimes has them, but I really need red. I totally should have straightened the collar before the pic, but I'm glad I at least got a picture!

The sleeves are just hemmed this time, with a coverstitch.

Have you made many polo shirts yourself? What kind of collar do you like? I'm still trying out patterns to get *the* perfect one....our public school district uses uniforms, too, so I'll be a polo-shirt machine for a while.


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