Road Trip: Arizona Rest Stop

Warning: CA road trip pics are out of order.

We left Las Cruces, NM at 4am, and made it to this rest stop by around 6:30am. It was just beautiful!

The car and trash can are for perspective.

Look! You can see Mexico.

Aldous found a pair of frames but with out the ear pieces on the side...he kept them balanced on his nose.

William wanted his picture taken, too.

The bees thought there was something really good in this trash can.

Posing for a pic on a big rock!

William took this picture. He took about 10 to get this shot, and he told me to give a thumbs up, for some reason.

Thanks for looking!


njgmom11 said...

Sigh..wish I were there! Cha doesn't know what he's missing.

Anonymous said...

I love those pics.....now I wanna go! I really liked the one of the trash can bees :)


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