A Friday Field Trip: Blue Swallow Motel, Tucumcari, NM

This was part of our drive home from California this summer. We spent the first night in Flagstaff, which was horrid, but the next night was wonderful!

The Blue Swallow Motel is on historic Route 66, in Tucumcari, NM.

It's the best historic motel in town, and we had a great stay here!

It was about 6pm when we pulled in from Flagstaff.

The owner's fancy old car.

the fancy fountain...ordinary enough in the daylight.

Our room!

blue swallow bed spreads!

How adorable is this?

The bathroom was cute, too. The bathroom floor was pretty but for some reason I didn't photograph that.

The pretty glass in the bathroom window.

Cute shower!

The old tv was just decoration.

A view from our room. It's hard to remember this is desert and not be shocked by so little green plant life.

A real dial telephone! the boys thought this was awesome. On the night stand was also a vintage National Geographic that I read before sleeping. I have a huge collection of those myself.

After I went for a run around town and saw the sights (the library, the historical museum, the dinosaur museum, a bunch of murals, a fenced in yard full of rabbits and chihuahuas, etc) it was finally dark enough to turn on the lights!

This fountain is awesome.

the whole motel. Can you see the garages in between the rooms? Very clever!

More of the fountain. I'm in love with the fountain.

We got a visit from Bessie while we were sitting outside enjoying the cool night air.

These decorative fiber optics lights had William mesmerized! One of them changed colors.

Another motel down the street.

A picture by Aldous.

Can you stand one more of this view?

The fancy car at night, with the lights on. The whole time we were there people kept pulling up to have their picture made with the sign, and the owner would take the picture for them.

William, getting his kicks.

the blue swallow over the garages. Each garage interior was painted with some neat theme...this was Disney's Cars.

We had a great stay here; the owners were super friendly and nice, and we spent some time talking to our "neighbor" while we sat outside.  The beds were comfortable, with real pillows and plenty of them. Also, the sheets were of amazing quality! SO COMFORTABLE!! There were plenty of towels and fancy soap/shampoo. The room also had a closet almost the size of the bathroom to store your things, plus a desk w/ a lamp. The boys enjoyed playing outside of our room after dinner (at the Pow Wow, down the street). We hope we can visit again soon!


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